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Instructions Crochet lampshade

modern crochet lampshade (May 2019).


A wonderful decoration ideas is our crocheted lampshade for even more beautiful light. In our video we show you how to easily crochet the lampshade yourself.

Designer Heinke Rathje produces caps and scarves with her label "Heinke". Not only in the snowboard and water sports scene, but also on the minds of many celebrities, such as Thomas D or Lena Meyer-Landrut, their creations can be seen. For us, the designer shows exclusively how to crochet properly. Whether lampshade, cap or loop scarf - in our video instructions we show you how it works.

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Here you will find the video instructions for a lampshade for self-crocheting:

The shop of Heinke Rathje can be found here >>
More crochet videos can be found here >>

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