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We love knitting! Here you will find free knitting instructions for imitation in the video, exclusively presented by our partner DaWanda. The knitting instructions for the turban cap are quite simple. Follow them step by step and knit diligently - then the beautiful cap is done in no time!

Miezi from Miezi Berlin shows us how to knit a turban cap. Behind it is a hat in the style of the 1920s, a "Bonnet Garçon". Garçon is French for a boy. The cap style is so called because the ladies dressed in the 20s very masculine. Even the look of hats and hats was then masculine.

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Three substances, three variants

Miezi shows us in the video three variants: The dark with thick wool for winter, the gray cap of thinner wool as a medium-warm variant and the light silk, which you can wear well even in summer. In the video tutorial she shows us the wintry variant with thick wool. It is easy to knit and also suitable for beginners. Miezi always uses natural fibers for their caps, not synthetic fabrics. In the video, she uses baby alpaca, a very soft wool reminiscent of cashmere. A special feature of baby alpaca wool is that there are no machine-wound balls. Instead, the wool is offered in hand-wound loops, which are unrolled thread by thread.

You need that

  • 100g wool, eg baby alpaca
  • 7-point knitting needles (adjust accordingly for thinner wool)
  • Hand measure, ruler or tape measure
  • scissors
  • Sewing or embroidery needle


The cap consists of a main part and the loop. The main part has a simple right-left rib pattern with alternating two right and two left stitches. The loop is knit smooth right, so right front stitches, on the back left stitches.

Part 1: The main part

Pick up the wool and needles and measure about 1 meter from the wool. Hang the loose end and take the thread in your right hand. Place it between the little finger and ring finger of the left hand, around the middle finger and the ring finger and in a loop around the thumb. Hold the thread with your little finger. Take the needle and hit 26 stitches. Prick as in the instructions and get the thread from above and pull through. Continue as described in the video tutorial until you have 26 stitches. Once you have knitted 26 stitches, a good deal of the thread will remain. It is important that you keep this piece and not cut it, as it is meant to be stitched together at the end.

Knit the pattern as Miezi shows in the video. Incidentally, the rib pattern is later consolidated by smooth ironing at medium temperature and with much moisture. The fibers absorb the moisture and expand, creating the ribbed pattern. When you have knitted 52 cm, chain all stitches, as Miezi explains in the video tutorial.

Part 2: The loop

You only need seven stitches for the loop. It is therefore even easier to knit than the main body. At the end, first the main part, then the loop are sewn together. The loop is inserted through a hole that you have left on the main body, gathered at the front and sewn together from the inside and fixed. At the end, sew the hole on the turban cap.

More free knitting instructions for beautiful hats can be found here >>

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