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We love knitting! Here you will find free knitting instructions for imitation in the video, exclusively presented by our partner DaWanda. Today theElster shows us a pretty knit bow. Just imitate, we wish you a lot of fun!

Morena from DaWanda-Shop dieElster from Berlin shows us in the video tutorial the instructions for a chic knit bow. The favorite instruments of dieElster are the giant maxi needles, which provide an even more magnificent result when it comes to large knitting. But today it's getting smaller with Morena: sweet little knitting loops are on the agenda that Morena wants to knit for you and with you in this video.

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You need

  • Wool
  • needle
  • Pin (15 mm)
  • scissors
  • Knitting needles (thickness 4)
  • ruler


The knitting loops are easy to imitate and consist of the simplest knitting method - the right stitch. Knit a 10-inch rectangle from just these right-hand stitches, 8 stitches per row. If you need help, Morena will show you how it works in the video. If the knit rectangle has the correct length, it is necessary to get the stitches from the needle. Again, Morena shows you how to do it. The knitting should then be put aside and the ball of wool separated after about 30 centimeters. Pull the long thread through the last stitch and tighten everything. Double knot the short end at the beginning of the knitting so that nothing separates, cut off the remaining thread. Pull the long end through the prepared needle and sew the two ends of the knit rectangle together.

With this knitting pattern you can become creative: Which wool do you take? A wide selection of beautiful wool is available in the DaWanda shop >>

Now place the rectangle so that the seam is centered on the back. Wrap the remaining long thread a few times around the center of the double-laid rectangle, making the loop shape slowly visible. Then turn the loop over and place the pin on the middle. Sew here again with the sewing needle through the pin and continue to wind the thread around the center of the loop, so that everything is tight. Then put two knots over each other again and cut off the superfluous thread, so that nothing dissolves. And finished is the knitting loop - a great accessory for jackets, Tshirts, hats or scarves. The loop is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also easy to imitate.

Step by Step

  1. Take stitches: Unwind a piece of wool, place the thread over your thumb and forefinger, hold with the other fingers, dip with the needle from below, pick up the thread from your thumb and forefinger and tighten.
  2. Repeat until there are 8 stitches on the needle.
  3. Pick up the stitches in the left hand, put the ends to the front, take the second needle and knit the right stitches.
  4. Right stitch: Insert from the front into the existing stitch, pick up the thread and pull it through the stitch and lift it off the needle. Repeat again 8 times.
  5. Turn the needle over, swing the thread around the needle and knit the right stitches again.
  6. Knit about ten centimeters to get the right loop length. Create ruler and measure until it fits.
  7. When arrived at 10 cm, turn knit again and knit two right stitches as normal. Then, to get stitches from needle, pull back stitch with left needle over front.
  8. Knit another stitch and cover again until there is only one stitch left on the needle.
  9. After about 30 cm of wool ball with scissors cut off and cut thread. Pull the thread through the last stitch and lash down.
  10. Hang the long end down. At the short end put two knots on top of each other, so that nothing separates and then cut off.
  11. Pick up the needle and thread the long end through the eye of the needle. Then sew both ends of the knitted rectangle together.
  12. Sew the sewn rectangle so that the rectangle is double and the seam is in the middle of the back.
  13. Wrap remaining thread a few times around the center of the double-laid rectangle, the loop shape should be slowly visible. Align everything.
  14. Turn the loop over and place the brooch pin over the seam, which is barely visible. With the needle through the badge to fix it with the thread. Make a few turns around the center of the loop with the thread.
  15. Sew the thread by threading the thread through the holes in the brooch pin again. Here, too, knot the end twice, put knots on top of each other and tighten them so that everything is fixed.
  16. Separate thread again and the knitting loop is ready.

More free knitting instructions for copying can be found here >>

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