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Almased recipes

Amazing Slimming Smoothie Recipes (June 2019).


Here you will find delicious recipes with which you can really pamper yourself during and after your Alamsed diet.

Almased shakes

Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Red Porridge Smoothie

He is full for a long time and tastes delicious berry. We have the recipe for you!

Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Green Power Smoothie

Mix the Green Power Smoothie to get slim.

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Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Kiwi Sour

The perfect combination for an Almased Shake. We have the recipe for you.

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Almased Recipes: Refine Shakes Delicious

We reveal how to give your Almased Shake a new flavor with just a few ingredients.


Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Overnight Muesli

With this muesli you start well in the day!


Lose weight

Almased Rezete: omelette with mushrooms

A protein-rich breakfast that lasts for a long time.


Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Blueberry Yogurt Mix

A delicious mix of yoghurt and blueberries leaves them


Vegetarian dishes

Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Cauliflower Pizza

Pizza with a twist: pizza dough made with cauliflower and cheese

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Almased recipes from the Thermomix

Meals that are gently prepared in the Thermomix, fit perfectly with the Almased diet.

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Almased Recipes: vegetable stock

Homemade vegetable broth is the ideal snack during your Almased diet.

Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Vegetarian Vegetable Lasagna

This vegetable lasagna is delicious, healthy and lasts for a long time. Ideal for your Almased diet.

Lose weight

Almased Recipes: Vegetable casserole

The Almased casserole - with or without fish a treat. Here is the recipe.

Dishes with meat

Almased Rezete: Blitzgulasch

Almased Recipes: Stuffed eggplants

Almased Recipes: Burgers with a twist

Experience the variety of Almased recipes
Most people associate a diet with a constant feeling of hunger. That does not have to be the case. The Almased Diet Plan is designed to allow you to take one, two or even three full meals, depending on your diet, in addition to the Almased Shakes. That goes for every diet plan from Almased. Above all, you should take healthy vitality, which is delicious and supplies your body with all the important minerals and nutrients. The Almased recipes are varied and range from soups, salad, meat and fish dishes to vegetarian recipe ideas to delicious desserts. And for a full breakfast, you will find a lot of suggestions in the Almased recipes. The focus is on a low carbohydrate diet, which should be especially varied and balanced. So you never have the feeling during your diet that you have to do without something and still lose weight.

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