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Beautiful gift ideas for employees
Film Tip I love you Phillip Morris by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra

Coaching videos

The Six Question Process: Coaching For Leaders (April 2019).


Do you already know our expert videos? Here Eva-Maria and Wolfram Zurhorst reveal the secrets of a happy partnership and Robert Betz opens up perspectives of personality development. Our free expert coaching solves conflicts before they become real problems.

Robert Betz

Love and partnership

A fulfilled relationship - how should this work? By lowering your expectations and increasing self-love - says Robert Betz.

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Concert instead of chocolates

This is how sofa concerts work

A video gives an insight into a sofa concert.

Fit by Pilates

Pilates for the pelvic floor

See Pelvic floor Pilates in our video.


Easy to learn: the Lindy-Hop

Swing your dance leg with the Lindy Hop.


A Royal Night - A royal pleasure

Check out the exciting trailer for "A Royal Night - A Royal



Robert Betz

Love and partnership

A fulfilled relationship - how should this work?


Robert Betz

Accept negative feelings

Where with all the negative feelings like guilt and shame, jealousy and anger, A


Videos with added value
There are many videos, many on the internet. Everyone knows YouTube and MyVideo, because they are true masters of video streaming. All over the world, these videos, taken by anyone who feels the need to put something on the Internet, are recorded and then uploaded to the World Wide Web, leaving the content of these videos questionable: people giving makeup manuals, tinkering with their cars, give tips on all possible topics or post videos of their pets and children. The actual added value of these videos remains mostly hidden. We would like to present you our videos in a different way for FOR YOU. In cooperation with graduate psychologist Robert Betz and the couple Eva Maria and Wolfram Zuhorst you will get many tips in terms of relationship and love. In addition, the couple Wolfram told from their own experience and on a very personal level. It's really fun to watch them and follow the interesting conversations. Robert Betz gives many great ideas and new food for thought, with which you can change your life. He clarifies internal conflicts and the meaning of past events, such as those from childhood, and may open your eyes and let you see many things from a different perspective. Be prepared for many great videos, sit back and see if there is one or the other tip to integrate into your life.

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