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Recipe Sweet dessert cake

Top 10 Chocolate Cake Recipes | Best Desserts Recipes And Cake Proper Tasty Facebook #237 (April 2019).


Crispy spoon biscuit in the finest packaging. Fresh berries and juicy fruits meet with a smooth cream insert.

Sweet fruits

In summer, when the supply of fruits is overwhelming and the splendor of colors ranges from the rich red of the currant to the dark blue of the ripe blueberry, it is time for summery fruit tarts. Here you can let your imagination run free in the fruit selection!

Ingredients for a tartlet

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  • This recipe is sufficient to assemble about 10 mini-tartlets with a diameter of 5 cm. You can use the cream immediately.
    Mix all ingredients in a bowl for approx. 20 seconds with the hand mixer at the highest level - done!

    Preparation of the tart

    Cut out three 5 cm circles from your cake dough, stack them with one layer of cream in between. For the top layer of cream, it is best to fill the cream with a starter bag and dress small swabs on top. Spread the tartlet 1-2 mm thick with cream on the side and distribute evenly with a dough card or palette. Then stick the biscotti to the side of the tart and tie the bow around. Now you can decorate to your heart's content with fruits and small cream swabs from your dressage bag.

    Voila - finished is the gem, the garden party can begin.

    You can find even more fine cake recipes in "300 grams of luck". The well-known cake designer Renate Gruber reveals sophisticated tricks that can turn cakes into little works of art.

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