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Filipino Street Food Tour in Quiapo Market, Manila (Turon, Kwek Kwek, Fried isaw) (April 2019).


They cook, bake and write about their creations. In Germany, there are now many food blogs that inspire us. We've collected the best food blogger recipes for you and introduce the bloggers and their recipes. Enjoy browsing.

Recipe of the moment

Food Blogger

Anne from annelovesfood

Food blogger Anne of annelovesfood talks about her passion for cooking and blogging.


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Sweet fig pizza

A sweet pizza? But sure.



Mini cheesecakes

Say Cheese


This great recipe comes from the food blog "Frauzuckerstein".


Fast apple tart

This dessert is done in no time and a real treat.



Berry layer cake

Something for real imposter!


Currant pie

Lemon curd and ricotta cake

Chocolate cantuccini with pistachios

Chocolate berry boat

Plum dumplings with vanilla sauce

Peach butter cream cake

Puff fruit baskets

Puff pastry wind turbines

Vegan & Gluten Free: Figs Newtons

Water ice: strawberry and lemon ice cream with kiwi

main dishes


Fast Pulled-Pork Sandwich

Next to Coleslaw another classic of the American BBQ: Pulled Pork.



Crispy Stripes

Junk food can also be healthy. As the? By making it yourself.


Food Blog Recipe

Falafel Grill Cheese Burger

The falafel grilled cheese burger and strawberry avocado salad is a tasty recipe



Pulled Pork

Pulled pork takes time. Much time. But the result is worth it all times.

Light chicken avocado salad recipe

red wine Burger

Make cheese dumplings yourself

Simply delicious: Thai curry with crispy duck

Pears gorgonzola slices

Naan Pizza

Eggplant in Szechuan pepper curry

Breaded Weißwürstl with chestnut-bacon-savoy cabbage

The best salad recipes from food bloggers

Lukewarm orange rice salad with chicken

Appetizers & snacks


Potato tacos with homemade tortillas

A quick appetizer idea from the food blog "Loeffelchenvollzucker" are the



Tomato tartlets

A delicious appetizer idea from the food blog "".



Light chicken avocado salad recipe

A great summer recipe from the food blog "".


Food Blogger recipe

Beetroot chips

Food blogger Mirja from kü introduces her "beetroot chips".

Cream cheese truffle with pickled tomato

Oven squash with corn salad

Empanadas de pollo

Avocado mango verrine with smoked salmon

Pesto bread wreath with cream cheese yoghurt

Baking bread sun

Naan Pizza

Breakfast eggs with a difference

Fast Pulled-Pork Sandwich

The best salad recipes from food bloggers

The best food bloggers

Having your own blog and regularly filling it with new content is in vogue. Whether fashion blog or food blog, who has a talent for shooting beautiful photos and writing inspirational texts, launches the own blog and posts the creations on Facebook and Twitter. We took this fact as an opportunity to take a closer look at this blog hype. Because in the blog thicket are not all usable. But of course there are also real culinary gems on the internet. In search of the best food bloggers, we were overwhelmed by the ideas and recipe variety. We found a selection of great vegetarian and vegan recipes, delicious dessert variations and many baking ideas. But not only recipes exchange the food bloggers with their readers, in small videos they give insights into their personal kitchen life and let us partake in their lives in part.

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