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Out of the Bottle: Wine Flavor (April 2019).


A good wine alone is not a guarantee for enjoyment. It also depends on how and from which you drink your wine

Not only the content counts. It makes a big difference whether you drink your wine from a mustard jar or from a fine wine glass. But of course there are gradations. The offer is large and confusing.

For a quick sip in between, even a relatively simple drinking vessel is enough. If you want to taste more, you need something better. It works in principle as with music: cheap speakers can distort even the most powerful favorite song.

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And this is to be noted: A wine glass should be basically colorless and clear, a crystal cut can affect the assessment of color brilliance. The goblet should taper upwards, be thin-walled and provide enough space for the wine. A long handle is an advantage, so that no unsightly fingerprints arise. In addition, the wine temperature could increase by hand heat.

Believe it or not, wine is sensitive, and its taste changes as soon as you drink it from another glass. The perception of fruit, acid, tannin and alcohol is affected. Give it a try with friends. The differences are amazing. Important for the taste are glass thickness, size and shape of the cup, but especially its edge. These four factors determine the amount and intensity of the good drop on the tongue and their taste zones.

A perfect glass reveals the balance and the harmonious relationship between the individual components of the wine. As a rule of thumb, the bigger and thinner the glass, the better the flavors and taste come into their own. Careful panning increases the evaporation surface, allowing the aroma molecules to rise better and thus be more intensely perceived by the nose.

Elegant and above all affordable wine glasses, which unfold the full pleasure, are already available in the specialized trade for less than five euros. From these all-rounders you can safely drink white and red wine.

A little shopping tip: One of my glass favorites is currently the allrounder series "Viña" by Schott-Zwiesel. Further information:

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