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Weinkunde wine tips for Easter

Wines of South Africa - Die Geschichte des südafrikanischen Weins (April 2019).


Which wine is right for the Easter roast? The question is easy to answer - if you know how the food is served

Does he wake you up with relishful memories?

The right wine

… for vigorous jus

2005 Cuvée X (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot), Weingut Knipser, Pfalz, 0, 75 l / 30 Euro, Tel. 0 62 38/7 42,

… to the mushroom cream sauce

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2007 Chardonnay "R", economist Rebholz, Palatinate, 0.75 l / 23 Euro, Tel. 0 63 45/34 39,

… to root vegetables with onions

2005 Pinot Noir "Song to the Moon", Jürgen von der Mark, Baden, 0.75 l / 26.90 Euro, Tel. 0 76 35/82 32 24, -online. de. 2005 Riesling Kalmit Terraces, Weingut Kranz, Pfalz, 0, 75 l / 22, 90 Euro, Tel. 02 21/3 10 84 70,

… to the chocolate rabbit

1999 Banyuls Grand Cru AOC, L'Etoile, Roussillon, 0, 75 l / 25 Euro, French noble wines, Tel. 0 20 54/93 97 60,

Prepared by the mother according to traditional recipe, then artfully carved by the host: a crispy Easter roast, on which the whole family rejoiced. Let this tradition revive, with young vegetables, new potatoes and a delicious sauce - with a matching wine, delicious! But what kind of roast should it be? A hare is eliminated - after all, Master Lampe can not be eaten on his big day. Pork and beef roasts are too common for the feast, a fried chicken too small, a fish too complicated. So it comes out on a lamb leg.

A good choice, even if the wine does not care which meat you put in the tube. For him, it depends on the sauce! It is an elementary part of any recipe and affects all components. If it is a rich jus that has been reduced several times, expressive red wines with powerful tannin and alcohol content. If the roast is served with a creamy mushroom sauce, it is more of an intensive, in Barrique matured white wine is required.

The tannins of a red wine would barely withstand creamy cream abundance. A Chardonnay with wood notes but "bathes" in these aromas and develops a fruity creaminess. Stewed with onions and root vegetables, the Easter roast harmonizes with a silky Pinot Noir or matured Riesling. The sweetish sauce is caressing the tartaric acid. And for all those with a sweet tooth: crown the bite in the chocolate rabbit with a chocolate-flavored Banyuls from Roussillon!

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