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The 20 Best Cheesecake Recipes (May 2019).


Creamy, fresh and delicious! The cheese cake has established itself as one of the most popular cakes. Whether with apple, mascarpone or from the tin: We show how varied the quark cake is and introduce you to great and fast baking recipes.

Cheese cake without soil

In order to experience the pureness of a creamy cheese cake, the cheese cake without bottom is particularly suitable. Semolina crumbs, vanilla pudding powder, durum wheat semolina, lemon juice and skimmed quark are therefore the flavor of this recipe.

The recipe is here >>

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Lime Cheesecake

Delicious egg cookies, which are ground just like crunchy spoon biscuits and mixed with powdered sugar, salt and butter to form a tasty cake base, ensure a sweet taste sensation. Cream cheese, sour cream and lime juice are used for the filling.

The recipe is here >>

Mini Cheesecakes

For a small appetite, as a gift, as a tasty souvenir or as a feast for the in-house etager. Not only pretty to look at but also convincing in terms of taste, the mini cheesecake simply always provides a reason to bake.

The recipe is here >>

Blueberry Cheesecake

The American classic brand new, lovingly and fruity interpreted. Cream cheese with yoghurt, blueberries, ricotta and butter biscuits are just a few elements of the great baking recipe around the Blueberry Cheesecake.

The recipe is here >>

Cheesecake New York style

The classic cheesecake .. In addition to basics such as cream cheese, sour cream and cream, the recipe also contains ingredients such as wholemeal butter biscuits, ricotta, lemon juice and raspberries. Definitely imitate!

The recipe is here >>

Holstein cheese cake with sea buckthorn casting

The classic cheese cake is made with the help of natural cloudy apple juice, the finest sea buckthorn juice, sweet cake and crème fraîche a special feature. So delicious!

The recipe is here >>

Mini grapefruit cheesecake

The fine grapefruit fillets, which were included in the cake, provide the necessary portion of freshness. Quark, cream, orange fruit spread and gelatine complete the recipe.

The recipe is here >>

Poppy Cheesecake

Freshly ground poppy seeds, milk, butter and sugar form the basis of the soft poppy seed that is spread on the ground. The creamy quark mixture of sour cream, cottage cheese, cornstarch and lemon juice is placed on top and the poppy seed cheese cake is ready.

The recipe is here >>

Low calorie cheesecake

There is also something for the narrow line! Lean quark and low-fat peach-passion-fruit curd replace mascarpone and cream. Instead of sugar, Stevia can conjure up sweet taste in the cake and custard powder, apricots and some amaretto complete the taste experience.

The recipe is here >>

Cheesecake with cherry dome

Nothing for boring! Variety is offered in this recipe: Amaretti biscuits, crunchy biscuits with oatmeal, ricotta, Baileys and juicy fruity morello cherries give this cheesecake an imaginative creative kick.

The recipe is here >>

Badischer cheese cake

In order to cut the cake well and to obtain a solid mass, you should cool the cheesecake from durum wheat semolina, lemon juice, custard powder, eggs and curd cheese over night. The result can be seen and tasted.

The recipe is here >>

Lime and mascarpone tartlets

Crunchy short crust pastry is smeared with a creamy mascarpone creamy quark cream, which is complemented with subtle accents such as lime zest, lime juice, elderflower syrup and bourbon vanilla sugar.

The recipe is here >>

Mandarin cheesecake with meringue dome

Ice cream, fruity cream cheese and a crunchy meringue topping crown this baking recipe. The basis for the bottom is liquid butter, which is mixed with crunchy wholegrain biscuits. For the meringue hood, egg whites, lemon juice and the finest sugar are used.

The recipe is here >>

Raspberry cheesecake

Wholegrain biscuits meet cream cheese and mix with butter and wheat flour. Sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, sour cream and some raspberries make this cheese cake a poem.

The recipe is here >>

Cheese sour cream cake

Milk, baruner sugar, orange juice, flour, sour cream, skimmed quark and fresh fruit come together to celebrate this cheesecake. Served with fine almonds, the cheese sour cream cake is ready to serve.

The recipe is here >>

Cheese cake with cream topping and fruits

In summer, this cheese cake variant is particularly good for consumption. Refreshing and cool you can enjoy the great creation with lime, mixed berries and custard powder.

The recipe is here >>

Orange Qaurkschnitten

For variety at the cake buffet: freshly squeezed orange juice meets soft wheat semolina, cane sugar and organic oranges. To decorate served juicy orange fillets, which are first boiled with Contreau to an orange sauce.

The recipe is here >>

Cheese sour cream kichen with tangerines

Great taste including grandiose optics. Cocoa powder gives the design to the pretty sour cream cake made from quark, mandarin and custard powder.

The recipe is here >>

Cheesecake with cherry compote

Crumbled butter biscuits mixed with butter form the bottom of the cheesecake. Lean quark, cream cheese, vanilla sugar and eggs make a heavenly quark mass, which is then cooked in the oven to the finished cake. Especially tasty: a fruity cherry compote is served!

The recipe is here >>

Peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate

Here is also a chocolate lovers at his expense. Coconut fat, almond kernels, hazelnuts, roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter blend together to create a heavenly peanut butter cheesecake.

The recipe is here >>

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