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Betty's Beet and Apple Salad, Recipe by Tori Durham (May 2019).


Beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables and also tastes delicious! Try the delicious beetroot salad with apples. He is easy to prepare and compared to the classic green salad something different.

Beetroot is perfect for the cold season! Also try the turnip beetroot chili or beetroot with sour cream.

Recipe for the beetroot salad with apples


  • 1 beetroot
  • 1 apple
  • 1 tsp sour cream
  • vinegar
  • oil
  • salt and pepper


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  1. Peel the beetroot and cut it into fine, small cubes.
  2. Depending on your taste and needs, you can also peel and core the apple and cut it into fine, small cubes as well.
  3. Mix everything thoroughly and season well with salt, pepper, vinegar and oil.
  4. Then mix in little by little cream.

And already the beetroot salad is done with apples.

We hope you enjoy the preparation and a good appetite!

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