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Sweet Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe - I Heart Recipes (May 2019).


Inside creamy truffle mass, outside white chocolate: These sweets are a true treat.

For the basic mass (ganache):

  • 2 vanilla pods
  • about 400 g of cream
  • 30 g flavored tea leaves (eg jasmine, orange, vanilla)
  • 750 g whole milk couverture


  • 50 g of soft butter
  • about 400 g white couverture

For the decoration (as desired):

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  • ground pistachio nuts
  • desiccated coconut
  • Chocolate Shaving
  • candied citrus zests and flowers
  1. For the ganache, scrape out the vanilla pods and pods with 300 g of cream and pour over the tea. Leave for approx. 5 minutes. Pass the tea cream through a sieve, make up to 300 ml with the remaining cream, heat again. Chop couverture roughly, place in a metal bowl and pour in the hot cream. Stir until the couverture is completely dissolved (possibly hang the bowl in a warm water bath).
  2. For the chocolate cubes, place a small shape with a border (10 x 20 cm, eg a small box shape) with foil. Pour in one third of the ganache and chill until crisp. Tumble and cut into square pieces.
  3. For the hemispheres, let one-third of the ganache cool in a bowl until it is thick-creamy. Beat the soft butter with the whisk of the mixer. Fill in a piping bag with a large perforated nozzle, inject walnut-sized hemispheres onto baking paper. Chocolates in the fridge.
  4. For the tea truffle, allow the remaining third of the ganache to cool in a bowl. Cut small quantities with a teaspoon and roll to balls with your hands.
  5. Dissolve white couverture over low heat. Drain with a fork, preferably a praline fork, which still dip sticky teas in the chocolate coating. Roll as desired in ground pistachios, coconut or chocolate grated. Bake on baking paper. Pour 6 chocolate cubes into the chocolate coating, drain, press one side into ground pistachios, let them stand on baking paper. Decorate with candied flowers.
  6. Immerse hemispheres in the couverture, allow to drain, press the underside as desired into ground pistachios, let it rest on baking paper. Decorate with citrus zests.


PREPARATION TIME: approx. 45 minutes

COOLING TIME: about 2 hours

For experimenters: Delicious truffle pralines from potatoes!


Our tip: Tea for a healthy and beautiful body >>

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