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Polettos Recipes Meat dishes by Cornelia Poletto

Klassische Tomatensauce zubereiten | KOCHSCHULE (April 2019).


Here you will find the best and most delicious meat recipes of star chef Cornelia Poletto. Different meats and many variations make every single recipe something special.

Veal Tafelspitz with pancetta potatoes

The delicious Tafelspitz not only looks delicious. Cornelia Poletto has created the perfect recipe for you. Although this meal is time-consuming, it definitely tastes good for every guest.

The recipe can be found here >>

Beef tagliata on rocket

Have you ever tasted a steak on rocket? Then try it out with this recipe from Poletto. The delicious spiced beef slices are a real feast.

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The recipe can be found here >>

Leg of lamb with garlic and artichokes

The lamb leg Italian style is a great idea for lunch or dinner. It's easy, healthy and tasty when juicy lamb meets hearty artichoke.

The recipe can be found here >>

Lemon schnitzel with bean romana salad

Try the Italian schnitzel with the accompanying bean Romana salad. Sounds difficult, but it's quick and easy. And very delicious!

The recipe can be found here >>

Pointed cabbage wrap with salsiccia

The extraordinary bratwurst also ensures a feeling of happiness in the taste buds. The pointed cabbage wrap Salsiccia is perfect for guests and the big Sunday dinner!

The recipe can be found here >>

Hot chicken legs with marinated lettuce hearts

Not only for children a treat: The recipe for spicy chicken drumsticks with marinated lettuce makes young and old happy.

The recipe can be found here >>

Cutlet alla Milanese with bean salad

A chop something different. The elaborate bean salad and the carefully fried fillet, will also give your Gaum a pleasure. Exactly the right dish for adventurous connoisseurs.

The recipe can be found here >>


This boiled beef is served with mustard fruits and vegetables. This special recipe brings you a touch of Italy home.

The recipe can be found here >>

Bauerngockel with spices and fennel

Mrs. Poletto shows you how to prepare your chicken in the Italian way perfectly with the recipe for a couscous farmer's peg with spices and fennel.

The recipe can be found here >>

Polenta Lasagna Goulash

A recipe for the cold Sundays, where you have an appetite for something hearty and can also sacrifice a lot of time. The black olives in the goulash lasagna make the dish very special.

The recipe can be found here >>

Ossobuco with gremolata

Polettos Ossobuco is a real holiday dinner! The tasty veal shank is easy to prepare and the enjoyment is even greater. As a side dish there are two different types of beans.

The recipe can be found here >>

Lamb shank with spinach lentils

The lamb shank is a culinary delight. Simply cook the exquisite dish and try the slightly different Italian delicacy.

The recipe can be found here >>

Rabbit leg with paprika vegetables

The perfect-looking meal is easy to cook and still very delicate. Just the thing for an evening for two or a hearty lunch.

The recipe can be found here >>

Chicken tagine

The crunchy chicken with chickpeas and tomatoes invites you to unfold its taste buds. A special dish for special guests.

The recipe can be found here >>

Veal dumplings with asparagus and potato ragout

Out of the meatballs and pure into the taste experience. Instead of winter food, try the light Italian veal dumplings recipe.

The recipe can be found here >>

Rack of lamb with green vegetables and herb tomato oil

Hmmm … pink cooked, buttery, juicy and super delicious. The rack of lamb is particularly suitable for sociable dinner evenings and meets all tastes thanks to the variety of vegetables.
The recipe can be found here >>

Chicken Involtini with artichoke vegetables

Juicy chicken breast filled with buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes and some Parma ham. Potato and vegetable side dish and the Mediterranean dish is ready.

The recipe is here >>

Grilled lamb chops with chickpea cream

A taste exaltation in the form of juicy stalk cutlets of lamb, creamy hummus, pink berries, coriander and many other goodies.

The recipe is here >>

Rump steak with thyme scallions

The Rump Steak: Not only popular on the grill and absolutely tasty. We present you the juicy piece of meat reinterpreted, quite à la Bella Italia.

The recipe is here >>

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