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Brain Jogging Intelligence Training


Intellectual mobility can not only be maintained through targeted exercises, but even improved - at any age. Take part in our test (the tasks can be found in the gallery)!

After the "invention" of the IQ around 100 years ago, the average value found in tests increased for many decades. But since the 90s, this development stagnates. An explanation of the scientists: Computers and mobile phones are taking more and more away from our thinking with their memories and organizers. Actually, this relief is desirable: So we have the head free for the important things. But in order that concentration and logical thinking skills do not decrease over the years, they must be regularly demanded, for example with specific thinking games. Take the six exercises shown here (they are from the book "Brainteaser") as a kind of trial training.

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For further training

  • "Brainteaser" by Jens H. Lorenz and Reinhard Pietsch, GU, 160 pages, 19.99 euros

The tasks are designed so that they are not to be solved with experience and acquired knowledge, but require creativity in coping. You'll see: it's so much fun that your brain is asking for more soon.

The solutions to the tasks can be downloaded from this article

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