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Crockpot Vegetarian Cabbage Soup Recipe (May 2019).


Everyone knows that she helps to lose weight. But now they also recommend doctors. Reason: The miracle soup contains all the vital substances we need.

  • BARRIER LINE protects our joints Its mix of essential oils and minerals such as potassium and calcium stimulates the metabolism, has a preventive and even healing effect against gout and rheumatism.
  • WHITE KOHL strengthens the immune system No vegetables contain so much vitamins A and C. Already 100 grams cover the daily requirement. Its minerals increase the viral killing effect additionally.
  • LAUCH makes us calm and balanced Magnesium and vitamin B1 are balm for the nerves, protect us from stress. Both leek and spring onions contain a large amount of it.
  • MORES ensure healthy, clean skin Nowhere in the vegetable world is there any more carotene. The body makes provitamin A. It makes the skin better and heals wounds faster.
  • PETERSILIE helps against cystitis Whether the smooth or curled variant: Certain plant substances, phenylpropane and flavonoids are diuretic and protect against cystitis.


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You need:
1 head of white cabbage,
1 kg of carrots,
6 leeks,
1 bunch of celery,
2 green peppers,
1-2 cans of tomatoes,
1-2 teaspoon vegetable broth extract and
1 bunch of parsley
Cover the cleaned, chopped vegetables with water, bring to a boil with the vegetable broth extract. Then reduce heat and cook. Season with salt and parsley. A handful of cumin prevents bloating.

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