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Weight Watchers Freestyle Zero Point Cheesecake by WWPoundDropper (May 2019).


With the new Weight Watchers program the pounds tumble - you stay fit, get full and do not have to do without anything.

According to a survey about 15 percent of all Germans now want to lose weight or at least pay attention to a healthy diet. "At the beginning of the year, we always have the largest number of people, " says Dr. Simone Mickelat, Nutritionist at Weight Watchers. But for the participants in the weight management meetings, this year something is changing: Weight loss takers now use the "ProPoint's plan". "We have incorporated the latest developments in nutritional science into our concept and thereby improved it, " explains Mickelat.

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Pleasurable points to get full

The old "Weight Watchers Points" were based solely on the calorie and fat content. Each food has been assigned a specific "Points" value. "The new 'ProPoint' values ​​are now made up of four nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber, " explains expert Simone Mickelat. "This is more accurate than just counting calories." This makes it clear at first glance, which foods are good satiety and have only low - so for losing weight - "ProPoint" values. Almost all types of vegetables, such as cauliflower, peppers and spinach, have zero "ProPoints", but at the same time a good satiety effect. On the other hand, a 100-gram chocolate bar has a hefty 14 "ProPoints" and is not very filling (see Food comparison on page 86).

As is usual with Weight Watchers, the "ProPoints Plan" also offers a fixed value for more than 27, 000 food items. Participants can also view the table on the Internet at On this basis, Weight Watchers has developed many different recipes. "That's how everyone can make their daily budgets for themselves, " says Mickelat. The "ProPoints" budget is calculated according to the needs of each participant based on the current weight, height, age and sex. If the participant wants to lose weight, she should not exceed her daily value. New is the additionally created so-called week extra. It covers between 35 and 49 "ProPoints" depending on the individual points budget. These are available to the participants at leisure: for example, they can be dressed up at a party, distributed for a dinner invitation or on any day. Ambitious participants even abstain completely. "Everyone can be full, enjoy flexible and successfully lose weight, " said nutritionist Mickelat.

The guarantor of success: talking about it in the group

Calculate body mass index

In addition to independent planning, Weight Watchers relies on the community: people who want to lose weight accompany each other. Each week around 3000 people gather in Germany for about 100 000 people. "Talking about it - that's the real secret of success, " says Mickelat. "Participants benefit from the experiences of others and share how they implement the ProPoints Plan in their everyday lives. And they support each other when things do not work out so well. "Participants can also tell each other about their successes, the pounds they have taken or the temptations they have resisted: There are awards for achieved milestones, such as the "3 kilos star". A coach accompanies the participants in the meetings with detailed information on diet and eating habits.

An important factor in addition to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and less fat, of course, are sports and exercise. The more regularly one is active, the more constant is the preservation of the desired weight.

One kilo of weight loss per week

Experience shows that Weight Watchers participants lose between half a kilo and one kilo a week on average. Propagate it yourself: Get to know the Weight Watchers principle, start scoring points and be successful. More information can be found at

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