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The 6 Most Important Wine Etiquette Rules You Should Know! - School Of Affluence (June 2019).


The perfect dinner can come: Wine expert Max Gärtner from Vicampo tells us how to perfect a dessert with the right wine.

Fü Mr. Gärtner, which wines should generally be served for dessert? Is there a guideline, how sweet this may be, for example?

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Max Gärtner: In general, it is always true: the wine must not be sweeter than the dessert itself. It used to be different in the past, when a very sweet wine was served in top-class restaurants for a sweet dessert. But now, if the dessert wine is served only as a dessert, it may be really sweet, for example, a Trockenbeerenauslese. If the wine is to be combined with a dessert, it must not be sweeter than the dessert itself, otherwise the dessert will go under. Here is enough a sweet Spätlese. Classically, a Riesling is served in Germany.

Riesling is a white wine. Are sweet wines rather white?

Yes exactly. Sweet wines are rather white. The good, high-quality dessert wines are 95% always Rieslings. There are also sweet wines from other grape varieties, but the Riesling is ideal for sweet wines, because it contains both sweetness and acidity. And the acid, coupled with a little sweetness, give the wine a certain tension. Without this effect, he would only clumsy. The acidity conjures up a great freshness, that's why sweet wine from Germany is represented all over the world, because people say that the best wines come from here (apart from France).

Does it make a difference in the wine choice, whether you serve chocolate soufflé, vanilla ice cream or fruit salad?

It always depends on how much you want to go into detail. In general, everything is allowed, unless it is completely wrong. With food and wine, there are many different combinations. Therefore, it always depends very much on your own taste. However, there are some basic rules: wines as dessert very sweet, wines for dessert not so sweet. After that much is allowed. If you like red wines, you can also serve them, but white Rieslings have a higher priority in Germany. There are very special dishes, to which you can serve very special wines. Usually you go to the trouble and ask a sommelier for advice. Then the individual recipe is matched to the wine, not the other way around, for example with Creme Brûlée. Because of the caramel flavors you reach for a sweet white wine, which is already matured. The result is a wonderful honey-caramel aromas that a cream brulee something catching.

Are there any wines that should not be combined with desserts?

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If you choose too light a wine and serve it to something extra sweet, the wine goes under. Then it makes no sense to even serve a wine. On the other hand, if you have a very delicate dessert and then serve a very heavy red wine with lots of tanin, the red wine breaks the dessert. In that sense, a balance must be there.

What is the advantage of the classic dessert wine over a coffee for dessert or as a dessert?

That is a cultural question. For example, sweet wines from Germany used to be the most expensive in the world. They were more expensive than a Bordeaux. Often they do not have that much alcohol, they move between 6 and 8% and you drink at most 0.1 ml of it. It is also a question of price, coffee is often cheaper. You can round off a meal well in both ways, finally, the taste decides.

Is the combination of dessert, dessert wine and coffee also possible without there being a taste impairment?

Absolute. The coffee does not have to be completely replaced, only with each other makes no sense.

What are your three personal dessert wine favorites?

We have a tasting team consisting of three people who taste wines full-time. They keep lists and try their hand at the world of wines. Personally, I do not like sweet wines so much, so I'm relatively limited in this topic. But our team has put together a list of great wines that can be matched to special desserts.

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