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Green Smoothies Delicious smoothie recipes for losing weight

Fasting Safely : How to Lose Weight Fast With Smoothies (May 2019).


Our favorite trend: delicious fast food that even helps you lose weight! The power drinks from the blender smoothly replace a meal. Try our green smoothies - perfect for losing weight.

"Summer Greeting" -Smoothie

A high on the melon: hardly any calories, but plenty of draining potassium. And the phytochemicals of lemon bring the digestion in motion.

For one liter you need 700 g of watermelon, which you use with shell and seeds. That's why you should get a organic watermelon. In addition, use in the recipe half a lemon, a large bunch of parsley and 250 ml of water.

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Wash the melon and cut it into small pieces with the peel. Then squeeze the fresh juice from the half lemon and fill it, along with the melon, into the blender. Wash and cut the parsley and add it, including the water. Start your mixer on a small scale. After a short while, set to the highest level to make the smoothie creamy and creamy. Then check consistency and taste; add some water or lemon juice as needed and mix your smoothie again briefly.

Here you will find the detailed, complete recipe for the summer greeting smoothie >>


  • Always use fresh fruits and vegetables, of course organic products
  • Prepare the smoothies always fresh - Vitamins are quickly lost, for example, if you have prepared smoothies and want to drink later. Although it is more complicated, but it is worth it
  • Create different variants every now and then, for example with olive oil, sometimes with garlic for flavor refinements
  • Spring water is even better than tap water - the difference in taste is not insignificant
  • Smoothies that are made only with vegetables contain significantly fewer calories than fruits. If you want to lose weight, you should prepare them with vegetables
  • Green smoothies are not only good for losing weight, but also good for fatigue, obesity and poor blood levels, so try it out!

Citrus Splash Smoothie

Sparkling against cravings: bitter substances of grapefruit dampen the appetite. Lots of vitamin C from citrus fruits and parsley are important for burning fat.

Here is the full recipe for the Citrus Splash Smoothie >>

Green angel smoothie

Gentle satiety: The high-fiber chia seeds come to us from South America or Australia - they swell up in fluid and make you feel full for a long time.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the Green Angel Smoothie >>

Tomato starter smoothie

Salat to go: The mix of romaine lettuce, avocado and tomatoes provides fiber, high-quality fatty acids, potassium and zinc - and thus gets the metabolism going.

Here is the complete recipe for the tomato starter smoothie >>

Tropical Fresh Smoothie

Exotic Fitmaker: Herbal Essential Oils help digestion. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids of flaxseed promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins through the body - so it is optimally supplied.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the tropical fresh smoothie >>

Classic Green Smoothie

The Fruity: The banana provides us with magnesium, an effective fat burner. The essential oils of mint enhance the natural saturation power of the drink.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the Classic Green Smoothie >>

Berry smoothie

And if you want a different color, try the recipe for our berry smoothie, a refreshment made from buttermilk and red berries. The smoothie is refreshing and provides lots of vitamins and low calorie content.

Here you will find the complete recipe for the berry smoothie >>

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