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How to Flatten Your Belly in 10 Days (April 2019).


Effortlessly picking up on the problem areas - that sounds almost too good to be true. Our author Carolin Lockstein tested various methods and reports here about your results.

Who does not know it? Spring is here, but still stick two, three or four extra kilos from the winter months on stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs?

Long-term success

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Measurable successes are always the goal when losing weight. No matter which method you use to reach your feel-good figure: A healthy lifestyle with a varied, well-balanced diet and a type-appropriate fitness program must be the basis. And that should remain so in the long term - so that the slim silhouette last longer than just one season.

High time to do something for the character. New slimming methods promise great success. Within two to eight weeks you should visibly decrease, the superfluous fat deposits on the typical problem areas melt away. We wanted to know: does that really work? Do the pounds really disappear without diet and exercise? For YOU employee Carolin Lockstein therefore tried the ultrasound to the Detox cure the novelties in the slimming market. The most important result in advance: The silhouette is slimmer and a decrease is usually recorded, but often not without a threadbare aftertaste.

Liposonix-The new wave

Ultrasound and other tips against cellulite

The principle: "LipoSonix" is an ultrasound device that targets fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, thighs. In contrast to "gentler" ultrasound methods, fat cells are systematically destroyed here.

The promise: "After eight weeks problem areas are significantly reduced. The body can never store more fat there, "Dr. Afschin Fatemi, head of S-thetic Clinic Düsseldorf.

This is how it works: The doctor drives the ultrasound head over a point grid, which he draws on the body according to the desire to lose weight. Each mark is sonicated twice for up to 30 seconds each. This is not pleasant - the slight tingling increases to the burning Piksen. Overall, the procedure lasts 45 minutes. Thereafter, the tissue is reddened and pressure sensitive.

The result: Lange does not happen. In week six, the jeans slips more easily over the thighs. After eight weeks, the thighs have four inches less circumference.

Conclusion: The method works, but is very expensive with around 2000 euros. And no license for unrestrained feasting - otherwise new problem areas arise. The S-thetic Clinics in Düsseldorf, Unna, Hamburg, Munich have good experience with "LipoSonix". Tel. 02 11/4 36 93 40,

Separate food-Slim overnight

Slim asleep - all about the popular diet of the severance food

The principle: "Slender in sleep" is based on findings of chronobiology in conjunction with the right nutritional concept. At night, the regeneration metabolism of the body is running at full speed, and when he gets the necessary energy instead of the sugar reserves from the fat cells, you take off. For this to work, the blood sugar level during sleep is reduced to a minimum with so-called insulin-based food combining.

The promise: "It is possible to eat a lot and still lose weight", said the internist and insulin food-separation developer Dr. med. Detlef Pape.

How it works: In the morning, carbohydrates, but no protein eat, at noon, both are allowed, in the evening is protein alone on the nutrition plan. Carbs are absolutely taboo. Saturation is important and there must be at least five hours between meals.

The result: After the first week, the scale shows but smooth one kilo less. But then the weight loss progresses slower, but it can be boosted if you also eat reduced fat.

Conclusion: Once you have changed, it is not difficult. Through the luscious portions you can beat the small hunger in between times, which also keeps the motivation to lose weight. The listening CD "Slim asleep" costs about 12 Euro (Graße and Unzer).

Tip: In THE FOR YOU 09/2009 there's the Slim-in-the-Sleep program (40 minutes running time) on a free CD in the magazine - equipped with it you can start and lose weight without sport.

Drinking cure - swallowed slimmer

Drink yourself slim and nice with tea

The principle: "Global Silhouette" is a dietary supplement set of two products. It was developed by cream expert Elancyl together with nutritionists. The drinking solution for the day contains dehydrating extracts, for example from nettles, mate leaves and grape skins. The powder for the night supplies the body with linoleic acids from the safflower. These diunsaturated fatty acids have been shown to have an effect on the body in independent studies: they reduce the proportion of harmful triglycerides in the blood, accelerate fat metabolism and promote lipolysis in the cells. Negative consequences were not found in any study. But an overdose is expressly warned.

The promise: "Already after four weeks with 'Global Silhouette', the study participants lost measurably in scope. After three months, it was up to 5.6 inches at the waist, "Dr. Christian Lathge, project manager of the laboratories for nutritional therapy at Pierre Fabre.

How it works: The application is simple and convenient - in the morning, dissolve ten milliliters of drinking solution in one liter of water and drink it throughout the day. In the evening stir a single serving of the powder in yogurt or eat it pure. The taste is getting used to - artificially sweet and green apples.

The result: The drainage effect determines the day - after each glass of "apple water" followed by the bathroom. Three weeks later, the scale shows two kilos less. Waist loss in week four: just under two inches.

Conclusion: Figurerfolge are in it, but the lost kilos go partly to the loss of water. Balancing a diet that is too fatty with "Global Silhouette" does not make sense. The 14-day cure costs about 30 euros (pharmacy) and is recommended if you want to lose weight in a short time.

Vacunaut - Fat loss with little effort

Specially for the reduction of the love handles on belly and hip: The belly away diet

The principle: The method is based on the fact that the fat is degraded faster and better in well-perfused body regions. The "Vacunaut" specializes in the attachable fat deposits on the stomach and hips. The heart of the device is a vacuum suit, which is reinforced in the problem zone with a network of 122 air chambers. In combination with moderate endurance training, the vacuum system fires up the metabolism - who dares take a small step towards sport, you can look forward to quick successes.

The promise: "The success can be seen after only a few applications", advertises the manufacturer Hypoxi.

Here's how it works: During the 30 minutes of loose endurance training in the cardio machine and with the "Vacunaut" suit, a computer controls the body functions. He was previously fed with the personal key data and signaled when the heart rate leaves the optimal fat burning range. Through the air chambers of the abdominal girdle, the abdomen and hips are pleasantly pressurized all the time: first, negative pressure draws the blood into the fatty layer of the abdominal region. As soon as enough fatty acids accumulate in the blood, the device goes overpressure and pushes the blood from the fatty tissue into the exercising muscles. There, the fat is burned as an energy source.

The result: After the first workout, two centimeters of abdominal circumference remain on the track. After six training sessions, it's five inches less. Great! But whoever stops and falls back into old habits during the meal, has everything back on its feet.

Conclusion: For a lasting result the "Vacunaut" has to become a hobby. Useful for beginners: two to three applications of 30 minutes per week for around two months. Thereafter, a biweekly refresher training stabilizes the result. A "Vacunaut" training costs about 30 euros. Studio search via


While it is possible to lose weight without dieting and exercise, the treatments are often very costly. The healthiest way to lose weight is certainly still a combination of exercise and healthy eating to naturally lose weight.

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