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Enology: Low alcohol, lighthearted lightness, fine aromas and delicate structure - these are the strengths of a Riesling Cabinet

Riesling with the title "Cabinet" is something unique worldwide. These soft wines with low alcohol are a legally defined type of wine and almost unrivaled in the international wine world. They reveal their strength with a balanced structure that sets fine accents. Delicate, well-balanced wines that do not require extensive melting and emit something almost carefree in their lightness. Kabinett wines have tradition in the more northern, mostly stony slate slopes, as they can be found on the Middle Rhine, on the Nahe, in the Rheingau, but especially on the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer.

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For example, the winery is one of the best addresses on the Moselle. Since 1971, Karl-Theo Haart has been managing the business with his family and producing characterful Riesling wines. I was especially taken with the delicious cabinet made of gold droplets. He is stimulatingly easy-drinking, lively and has sufficient structure to age in dignity, which makes him an ideal companion to eating.

Wine from the Mosel and from the Rheingau

Winzer Nik Weis acquired the parental vineyard St. Urbans-Hof about 15 years ago and has given new impetus to the almost 40 hectare estate. In addition to the classic Moselle vineyards, there are cultivated areas in a small side valley on the Saar. A steep south-westerly slope with stony and barren soils and a special climate gives the location Ockfener Bockstein the typical and above all unmistakable flavors. The Rieslings grown on this soil show an almost floral scent and fine fruit notes.

Cabinet has a long tradition in the Rheingau as well. The history of the Barons Langwerth of Simmern dates back to the year 1464. Here you make yourself strong not only for the first plants, but also for the classic cabinet. The Riesling from Baiken's location is stimulatingly tasty and wonderfully refreshing, tastes of juicy peaches, ripe mango and a hint of citrus, making it powerfully appetizing for the next sip.

My recommendations:

  • 2007 GOLDTRÖPFCHEN RIESLING KABINETT Reinhold Haart, Piesport, Mosel, 0, 75 l / 13, 90 Euro. About: Fischers wine enjoyment & Tafelfreuden, Tel. 02 21/3 10 84 70 or
  • 2009 OCKFENER BOCKSTEIN RIESLING CABINET St. Urbans-Hof, Leiwen, Mosel, 0, 75 l / 11 Euro from winery, Tel. 0 65 07/93 77-0, 2009
  • RAUENTHALER BAIKEN RIESLING KABINETT dry, Langwerth of Simmern, Eltville, Rheingau, 0, 75 l / 10 Euro from winery, Tel. 0 61 23/9 21 10, www.

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