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Are Raw Mushrooms Safe or Toxic? (May 2019).


Everyone knows that poisonous mushrooms are not good for the body and can even have life-threatening effects. But what about non-toxic mushrooms that are consumed raw?

Mushrooms are more and more often eaten not only roasted, baked and steamed, but also sometimes eaten raw. Especially salads are garnished with it. Mostly it is then mushrooms that frolic between the green leaves and tomatoes.

Prepare growing mushrooms

Most of these are not bad for the body. Growing mushrooms like just mushrooms, but also shiitake, oyster mushrooms or ravioli are suitable for raw consumption. However, one should also pay attention to these mushrooms. Of course they have to be cleaned very thoroughly. Often it is even advisable to remove the upper skin of the mushroom with a sharp knife for raw consumption.

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Freshness is important

In addition, the mushrooms should be as fresh as possible. Undamaged, plump mushrooms that have not yet stumped, are quite good. You can also see a fresh mushroom on the cut surface:with white mushrooms, for example, this should be as light as possible, then it is fresh. Nevertheless, the mushrooms should rather be eaten raw in small quantities, as they can still cause incompatibilities and upset stomach. It's best to slice the mushrooms into thin slices.

Do not eat wild mushrooms raw

Wild mushrooms are eaten raw often poisonous. Therefore, you should always cook chestnuts, mushrooms, chanterelles or even the hamburger until you bite into it. Especially the latter is often responsible in Germany for fungal poisoning.Even the fox tapeworm can probably be transmitted via raw wild mushrooms. That is another reason why it is important for almost all types of mushrooms to pass through completely.

Can you warm mushrooms?

Contrary to many assumptions, it is no problem to reheat already cooked mushrooms. Please note that the mushrooms should be cooled down again as soon as possible after the first cooking and stored in the fridge. By the next day at the latest, you should eat the prepared mushrooms and heat them to at least 70 degrees.

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