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Mushroom Picking Guide ? (Liberty Caps) (May 2019).


Ever wanted to collect mushrooms for your favorite dish? Well then go ahead. We'll tell you what to look for when collecting mushrooms. We also give tips on shelf life and storage and show the poisonous fungus types.

With self-collected mushrooms, each dish tastes much better. The nice thing is that you can pick mushrooms in any season, but most of them grow in the fall. So go ahead and fill your basket, but beware: Not all mushrooms are edible, some are even poisonous. We give tips for beginners: what you need to collect mushrooms, what you should pay attention to and which fungi are poisonous.

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What do I need? Collecting mushroom equipment

  • To collect, you should wear sturdy shoes and tight clothes. A rain jacket is ideal, as most of the places sprout after a shower, and you should also protect yourself from the consequences of a tick bite.
  • If you do not have a good sense of direction, it is important to take a compass or a navigation system, especially in large forest areas.
  • A knife to cut the mushrooms should not be missing. There are special mushroom blades, but they are not essential. An ordinary folding knife is enough.
  • In addition, a brush with hard, short bristles is recommended to remove the coarsest dirt from the fungus directly.
  • Lastly, do not forget a basket where you can transport the mushrooms home.

What do I have to look for when collecting in the forest?

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When collecting, you should make sure that only the mushrooms land in your basket that you really know. Even a mushroom book with the best photos is no guarantee to distinguish a poisonous from an edible fungus. You should also keep your hands off wet, moldy, frozen and eaten mushrooms. If in doubt, leave the find in the forest or ask an expert for advice (eg at the Pilzberatunsgstelle), so as not to take any risks.

Mandatory maximum quantity

In general, collectors should go to the forest for their own use and collect mushrooms. In Germany, depending on the state, it is regulated how many mushrooms per person can be collected. In most cases, the maximum amount is one to two kilos per person per day. This regulation is intended to prevent commercial trade in collected mushrooms and to protect the fungal population in the forests in order to maintain species conservation.

The right picking technique

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They should cut off the mushrooms and not "tear out", otherwise the fungal braid on the ground will be severely damaged. It is best to cut the mushrooms directly above the forest floor on the stalk. If you have forgotten a knife to cut the mushrooms, you can also carefully unscrew the mushrooms. But please remember to close the resulting hole again. Subsequently, the fungus should be cleaned with a brush of dirt, vermin, etc.

The correct transport of the collected mushrooms

Under no circumstances should you transport the collected mushrooms in rucksacks, bags or plastic buckets. In those the mushrooms sweat very fast, whereby their protein is decomposed in shortest time. Then it can quickly come to the consumption of mushroom poisoning, although not a single toadstool has been collected. In addition, squeezing would form condensation in the mushrooms and they would start to rot. The mushrooms need air to breathe, so it is best to use a basket or a cardboard tray.

What should I pay attention to before eating the mushrooms?

  • Before preparing the mushrooms, they should always be thoroughly cleaned. As a rule, you should not wash with water, but should instead be cleaned with a small brush, brush or a damp cloth. Defective or rotten spots should be cut out immediately. Then the mushroom is cut into small pieces and then fried, cooked or breaded according to the recipe.
  • Most types of mushrooms do not last very long, which is why they should be eaten the same or the following day. They should be stored cool and dry until prepared.

Storage of mushrooms

If you have brought too many mushrooms home than you can consume on the same day, they should be kept well. There are several ways to preserve mushrooms for longer.

  • dry

The mushrooms are cleaned and cut into thin slices. Then spread them over a radiator or in the oven side by side to dry them. For this own very well special Dozer business. After the drying process, the mushrooms must be kept airtight in glasses, cans or plastic bags. Well-dried mushrooms usually last for several years.

  • mushroom powder

Dried mushrooms can also be ground to powder. The powder can cause many dishes such as stews, soups or sauces to lose a spicy note. Be sure to boil the powder with it. It's about a year.

  • Freeze

The mushrooms are cleaned as when drying and cut into small pieces. Then they are blanched in boiling salted water. After quenching in ice water, they are snap frozen. This will keep them for three to six months.
If you follow our tips, you will have a lot of fun mushroom picking and at the end of the day you will not only enjoy a full mushroom basket, but also a very tasty meal.

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