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How to Clean Mushrooms (June 2019).


Autumn alone is a special time, because we can eat more mushrooms again. From the little tidbits great dishes can be created, but they must first be properly cleaned to be clean yet aromatic.

If you ask the next three people you meet how to clean mushrooms properly, you will probably get three different answers. Some brush, others bathe, the others just dab. We will tell you how it really works and which fungus claims which treatment.

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Bred equal clean

Bred mushrooms, which are also available in large quantities in the supermarket, are hardly dirty.Therefore their cleaning is of course very easy. For example, with mushrooms or herb potherbs, it is usually sufficient to rub them off with a kitchen towel. For heavy soiling, you can moisten the kitchen towel a little, but the mushrooms must then dry again. Even cleaning with a brush is suitable for mushrooms, but you should make sure that the bristles are very soft and you do not press too hard when brushing, as the fungi are otherwise damaged.

Eat raw mushrooms

Not all mushrooms can be eaten raw. For the others, you can cut out soft bruises that have already turned a little brown with a sharp knife. However, these sites usually have no effect on the taste of the mushrooms or their shelf life.Even dry and mostly woody stalk ends are removed with a sharp knife. With older mushrooms, you can also easily remove the wrinkled skin with a sharp knife. For mushrooms, this procedure is also recommended if the mushroom is to be eaten raw, for example in a salad.

Water only in moderation

And, in fact, the common assumption is that mushrooms should not be washed. Once they are in the water, they suck themselves full, become soggy and quickly lose their aroma.Very heavily soiled mushrooms can quickly break off over a sieve, but never float in the water or submerge for a long time. This may only be done with morels, as there are often sand in them. Then the morels must drip thoroughly on a kitchen towel.

Clean wild mushrooms

Most wild mushrooms, such as chanterelles or porcini mushrooms, are more polluted than the bred relatives, as often earth remains stuck to them. Also maggot infestation is possible here. So cut the mushrooms and remove affected areas generously. How to clean the forest mushrooms very quickly, the Kitchen Girls show you in a short video:

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