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Free knitting pattern Warm scarf with gradient

Easy 2 Color Brioche Scarf In SHORTCUT 2 Color Brioche Stitch - Free Knitting Pattern / YayForYarn (May 2019).


The ideal companion for this cold winter is a soft scarf, which also looks really good and was self-made. The knitting instructions can be found here as a free download.

Scarf with chic color areas

Material: Lana Grossa quality "Silkhair" (70% Mohair Superkid, 30% Silk, LL = approx.210 m / 25 g) 50 g Soft Blue (Fb 88), 50 g Green Gray (Fb 81), 50 g Petrol (Fb 23), 50 g dark green (Fb 89) and 50 g mustard (Fb 72). Knit Nd No. 6.

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Size: 56 x 209 cm

Edge-M: in the back-row M, in the back-row left st.

Smooth right: back-to-back M, back-R left to M str.

Color area pattern : Lt counter pattern smooth re str. For each color area, use a separate ball and when changing the color, cross the threads on the back of the work so that no holes are formed. The numbers on the outside indicate the Hin-R, the back-R the Fb str as they appear. In the width the drawn 96 sts 1x arb, in the height the 1. - 192. R 1 x str, then the 1. - 192. R 1 x wdh, here use the Fb of the color names given after the slash, then the 1st - 96th rounds once more.

Knit stitch: 17 sts and 23 sts in plain = 10 x 10 cm.

Run: Cast on 48 sts in dark green and 48 sts in petrol loosely and knit stocking sts first, knitting at same time as they appear and also crossing the threads at the back of the piece to avoid holes. Then in the color surface pattern according to the counting pattern as described. After 209 cm = 481 R from the stop, detach the sts in the appropriate direction.

Finishing: Lightly stretch the scarf, moisten and allow to dry.

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