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Knitting Pattern Cardigan in the style of Luisa Beccaria

Wool Rendering (April 2019).


When everything shimmers and shines in the Christmas season, this Lurex cardigan provides the right sparkle factor.

Glossy Jacket

Material: Lana Grossa "Lace Lux" (33% Virgin Wool, 67% Viscose, 310 m = 50 g), 300 (350) g ​​in taupe Fb. 010, knitting needles No. 4, 5-5 and for cuffs No. 3, 5, 6 mother of pearl buttons

Bundle Pattern: ( Needle No. 3, 5) Knit 1 st on the right, 1 st on the left in the change.

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Lift-M: Lift off the sts for left-hand knit, keeping the thread in front of work.

Basic pattern: (Needle No. 4, 5-5) M-number divisible by 14 + 6 + margin-M. 1st R: edge M, * 7 M right, 1 lifting M,

1 st in the right, 1 raise st, 1 st in the right, 1 st in st, 1 st in the right, 1 st in sts from * repeat these 14 sts, 6 sts on the right, edge sts.

2nd row: R-M, * 7 sts left, 1 h st, 1 st right, 1 h st, 1 st right, 1 h st, 1 st right, 1 h st st, * this 14 sts repeat, 6 sts left, edge sts. Always repeat the 1st and 2nd Rs.

Mesh sample: 26 M and 46 R = 10 x 10 cm


Back piece: Cast on 120 (134) sts with needle size 3.5 mm and knit 6 cm waistband. Continue working with needle no. 4.5-5 in the basic pattern. For the armholes, after 38 (36) cm basic pattern cast off 1 st 4 times on each side, remove 1x 3, 2x 2 and 3x 1 st = 92 (106) sts. For the neckline after 57 cm basic pattern cast off the middle 30 sts and finish both sides separately. For rounding, remove in each 2nd R 2x 2 and 1x 1 st. Bind off at the same time for the shoulder slope in every 2nd row 2x6 and 2x7 (3x8 and 1x9) sts.

Left front piece: Cast on 64 (71) sts with needle size 3.5 mm and knit 6 cm waistband. Continue working with needle 4.5-5 in the basic pattern. For the bag after 14 cm basic pattern the 8.-43. Shut down M = 36M. Cast on 36 sts for the bag and knit 14 cm. Insert this M for the shut down M and continue working on all 64 (71) sts. Armhole and shoulder slope work on the right edge, as described on the back. For the V-neck after 44 cm total length at the left edge, knit the third and fourth last M on the right and repeat this decrease 23 times in every 4th row. The right front piece work in the same direction, ie for the V-cut on the right edge, knit the 3rd and 4th M on the right.

Sleeve: Cast on 64 sts with needle size 3.5 mm and knit 6 cm waistband. Continue working with needle number 4.5-5 in the basic pattern, increasing both sides in each 12 sts for the sleeve slope. R 14x 1 sts (every 8th row R 19x1) sts = 92 (102) sts. 37) cm Cast off pattern on both sides 1x 4 sts, cast off in each of 2 Rs 1x 3, 1x 2, 26x 1, 1x (2x) 2, 1x (2x) 3 and the remaining 12 sts.

Completion: For the pocket panels, take the decommissioned 36 M into work and knit with needle no. 3.5 in the waistband pattern. After 3 cm bind off the sts. Sew on the narrow sides and pocket bags. Close the shoulder seams. For the jacket cover with needle number 3.5 approx. 448 sts (from 3 R 2 sts = vertical edge per 140 sts, cut out per 62 sts, back cut 44 sts) and knit 3 cm sts, at the same time after 1.5 cm on the right front evenly distributed 6 buttonholes work. For this purpose knit 6 sts, * 2 sts on right, 1 st, 2 sts on right side, knit 22 sts, repeat from * until 6 buttonholes are worked. In the following R, knit 2 sts out of each piece according to the waistband pattern. Sew in the sleeves. Close side and sleeve seams. Sew on the buttons.

Here you can download knitting instructions:

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