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Healthy Pregnancy Foods that you should avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy Fitness and Food: You Don’t Need to Eat for Two | Kaiser Permanente (April 2019).


During a pregnancy, one shares his body with a small person. Everything that Mom eats is also shared by the unborn baby. Find out which foods you should avoid during pregnancy in order not to harm your child's health.

Even during pregnancy, it is possible to influence the healthy development of the baby - for example, through proper nutrition. For in the womb the child is connected to his mother through the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord also supplies it with oxygen and all the essential nutrients it needs to grow. The exchange of oxygen, food and waste products takes place in the placenta. The placenta is a heavily perfused tissue, which because of its important role is also called mother cake. Precisely because the unborn child is so dependent on his mother, she should be more considerate than usual - even in terms of nutrition.

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While it is important to eat healthily and regularly during pregnancy, you should avoid some foods during pregnancy. Too great is the risk of contracting a food infection and endangering not just one's own health, but the baby's. Above all, raw milk products and raw meat are not on the diet of a pregnant woman. To make grocery shopping easier for you, here is a small list of foods that you should avoid during pregnancy.

Stay away from:

  • Soft cheese made from raw milk, for example Camembert, Brie or Roquefort
  • cheese rind
  • Pickled cheese from open containers in the refrigerated counter
  • Milk mixed drinks, eg self-mixed milk shakes made from fruit juice and milk
  • raw meat, eg minced meat, Mett or medium cooked meat
  • Raw sausage, such as salami, cabanossi, chorizo, ham or smoked bacon
  • Meat salads and delicatessen salads without preservatives
  • Raw fish and fish products, eg sushi, oysters, clams or graved salmon
  • strong salted, leavened or sweetened fish, such as anchovies, herring, caviar, matjes and rollmops
  • pre-packaged ready-made salads
  • unheated sprouts and seedlings
  • unwashed vegetables and fruits
  • unheated frozen fruit
  • raw cereals, eg seedlings
  • raw baked goods, such as pudding slices
  • freshly squeezed juices of juice stalls
  • raw eggs, in particular mayonnaise, tiramisu, mousse au chocolat, zabaione

These drinks can harm you during pregnancy:

  • alcoholic drinks of all kinds
  • quinine-containing drinks, such as bitter lemon
  • Coffee and caffeinated drinks (rule of thumb: depending on tolerability, at most two cups a day)

If you should have eaten something from the "red lists", this is half as bad. During the regular check-ups at the gynecologist it is determined whether a vitamin or nutrient deficiency exists. The doctor would immediately adjust the diet in such cases or recommend supplemental nutritional supplements.

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