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How to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy | 5 Effective Exercises | HER Network (May 2019).


Offspring comes, belly goes - it would be nice! A few pregnancy pounds are usually persistent. Do not moan: grab the stroller and get started.

Cute, a bit of baby fat - but not necessarily on Mama's stomach. He wants to get back into shape as soon as possible after delivery. As well as legs, breasts and connective tissue. That this can not work within a few weeks, is probably clear to all mothers. At least if you, unlike top models and celebrities, without personal trainer, Personal Food Coach and Personal Nanny stands. In addition, lack of sleep, hormone turbulence and the everyday changes in the first time anyway ensure that you have other things in mind than his body mass index. But at some point, your own needs will return to focus - and thus often the decision to get rid of the extra pounds.

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But when? Time is finally in short supply with a baby. And how? Jogging or Power-Step after a pregnancy, especially for the pelvic floor is not ideal for training. The solution: a special mommy workout, which can be integrated into everyday life with baby and provides for strong muscles, firm skin and a neat plus condition. The recovery and strength program was developed by sports scientist Angela Kowsky after she became a mother herself. Her approach: The stroller becomes a sports equipment, the walk to workout:

Exercise the abdominal muscles gently

Folds with the stomach press: Stand behind the stroller, open your legs hip-width, bend your knees slightly, straighten your back. When exhaling, tense the pelvic floor and "suck in" the navel, release it when inhaling. Exercises the overstretched abdominal muscles. Duration: 5 to 15 repetitions.

Tip:Get the midwife's OK for sit-ups. The gap that forms between the muscles during pregnancy must first close.

Strengthen breasts and back

This is easy with pressure and train: Keep upright, knees bend slightly, grabbing shoulder straps shoulder width. Do not stretch your arms completely. The shoulder blades sink low, the chest becomes wide. Now tense the pelvic floor. Use your left hand to push the steering handle forward while the right pulls it backwards. Constantly changing sides, creating a fluid movement. 10 to 20 repetitions.

Tip:Stop when you can not keep the tension in the pelvic floor loose.

Get your legs and butt in shape

This exercise is called one-legged standing: standing upright, embracing the handlebar loosely. The weight rests on one foot, the tip of the other is slightly put on. Tighten the pelvic floor and balance for 10 to 20 seconds. Page change. Variation for the buttocks: Slightly guide the free leg backwards, while firmly tightening gluteal muscles. Repeat as desired.

Tip:In addition to tiptoe several times, lower your foot again. Such lifts train the calves and strengthen the trunk muscles.

Tighten the upper arms

Fit with bat wings: straighten up, pull shoulder blades backwards and downwards, embrace the steering bar. Hold the upper arms to the body, with the forearms slowly press the steering handle downwards. Keep tension short and release slowly. This works on a flat track while walking. 10 to 20 repetitions.

Tip:For more exercise, push the stroller down so hard that the front wheels lift slightly.

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