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Diagnosis, Causes, Prevention Knowledge about flatulence

Rx Digestion #5 (Eng) BLOATING (GAS), BELCHING (BURP) & FLATULENCE (FART) Explained | DrEducation (March 2019).


Flatulence meets every now and then. Reason enough to drag the phenomenon out of the taboo corner - and to talk plainly.

What are bloating exactly?

Flatulence indicates that bacteria in the intestine are nourished properly - and produce plenty of gasses in the breakdown of undigested carbohydrates such as milk and fructose. If we eat too much protein, we get hydrogen sulphide, which leads to the dreaded stinkers. Stress, lack of exercise and too hasty food disturb the digestion additionally. This causes either a belly of bloody, in which a celestial body seems to have made wide - medical people call the meteorism. Or too many gases are making their way out more often than two dozen times a day - which means flatulence.

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Where does bloating come from?

Most of the time, pups alert and bloating are a safe consequence of our diet. Unhealthy foods that contain a lot of sugar or sugar substitutes, such as soft drinks and light products, can trigger them. However, wholesome foods, which contain a lot of fiber, such as legumes, cabbage and wholemeal bread - as well as fruit - have a distracting effect. In addition, an excess of carbon dioxide, dietary supplements or certain drugs such as diclofenac or some antibiotics may be behind the problems.

When to the doctor?

If bloating persists for weeks, or if other symptoms develop, then those affected should seek medical attention for the cause. Because flatulence often indicates intolerance, such as lactose or gluten, or food allergy, often to apples, for example. In addition, they may indicate an imbalance of intestinal flora - and, to a great extent, symptoms of more serious illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease or acute pancreatitis.

What causes flatulence?

The easiest way is when high-fiber foods are the bulking triggers: Slowly get used to digestion - so do not eat whole-grain bread with lentil soup. Also, steamed vegetables are often more digestible than raw foods, especially in the evening. As SOS helpers are suitable herbs and spices, which already had grandma against the "Every Böhnchen a Tönchen" problem, such as caraway, which counteracts excessive gas formation. A few drops of caraway oil to the meal help the intestine. Caraway is even more effective when it comes to venting in a high-dose combination with peppermint.

Speaking of home remedies: A schnapps brakes the digestion, according to an investigation rather than to get them on their toes. What works: a comfortable, long walk. He stimulates the so-called pacemaker cells in the gastrointestinal tract. These give impetus to transport everything - including air flights.

How can we prevent it?

Trick one for a permanent doldrums in the abdomen: b avoid leaching foods, such as finished products and limos, incompatibilities wheat and dairy products. In addition: eat slowly and chew well - this improves the pre-digestion. In addition, let's talk to the table neighbors: the chatter we swallow an extra portion of air, which can cause flatulence - as well as smoking and chewing gum for the same reason. In addition: more sport! Each step stimulates the intestinal activity - and reduces stress, which often brings the digestion out of rhythm.

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