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The practice book by Angelina Kirsch Rock your Curves!

ECOMFIN Webinar - Ronald Huisman - 29/04/2015 (May 2019).


Tight buttocks, flat stomach, slender legs - that's what many women want. The Curvy trend puts an end to this ingrained thinking about beauty ideals and shows how good it feels to love your own curves.

Skinny, hungry and size zero were yesterday, now curvy models are on the train and inspire women and girls with feminine curves and naturalness. Germany's most famous Plus Size Model and TV star Angelina Kirsch, known from "Curvy Supermodel" and "Let's Dance", shows not only on Instagram and Facebook, how beautiful curves can be staged, also in her new book conveys the young woman a strong message: you are beautiful the way you are!

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The style guide for beautiful curves

For women who have had enough skinny models and want to feel comfortable in their bodies: Rock your Curves!

In her new book "Rock your Curves", Angelina Kirsch shows in a hands-on, direct and personal way how you feel at home in your natural body - just as you are. With beauty and styling tips, self-esteem and self-love exercises, posture and radiance tricks, and arm, leg and bottom workouts, Rock your Curves is the perfect guide to a happier life without diets, weight loss pills and Co. Angelina Kirsch accompanies us on the journey to a new body feeling with more self-acceptance and joy of life - without fears, rules and prejudices.She knows exactly how to love our feminine curves, properly staged, love of the number on the scales, beliefs and Counting calories we can say goodbye after reading this book!

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