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Nutrition Five traps of dietary change

These 8 "Healthy" Foods are Making You Fat! (March 2019).


Less sweet. More vegetables. As disciplined as we begin - on the long haul, most fail. Experts know where the typical traps lurk and how we can handle them.

1. Confuse changeover with diet

The trap:

Behind most nutritional concepts, from low fat to no carb, diets are actually hidden: "They define strict plans - and also prohibitions", explains Dr. med. Matthias Riedl. Although some recommendations nutritional medicine even make sense, the expert. But: "Unfortunately, diets only work for a short time. Anyone who relies on external requirements, which are supposed to be equally good for us as different people, ends up in the yo-yo trap. "

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The expert tip:

Every successful change in your diet starts in your head - not on paper. "Think about why you want to eat differently, whether you want to lose pounds, improve certain values ​​or get rid of pain, " advises Riedl. Then it's time to analyze one's own diet - and to decide which inappropriate habits one would be willing to change. "Self-responsibility is the most important thing: Healthy nutrition should fit like a tailor-made suit - and only those who design it themselves will be able to survive on a lasting basis, " says Riedl.

2. Count calories

The trap:

Dressing? Unnecessary calorie bomb! Nuts? Too greasy


When it comes to food choices, we often tend to let the inner calorie calculator decide. "But if you see the energy content as the most important parameter, you often eat too little of healthy sattmakers. This leads to cravings - and lets us strike unchecked, "explains Riedl.

The expert tip:

Force yourself to mute the calorie calculator. "Nuts and good oils are great for us. Nobody will overfill them - because he's full before, "explains Riedl. The better parameter: the ratio of the nutrient groups to each other. "Three handfuls of vegetables, a palm full of protein-rich foods - and a hand dish Supplement: Anyone who puts them on their plates three times a day eats healthy - no matter how many calories they contain, " says Riedl.

3. Put wrong goals

The trap:

Too much or too little want: Both are equally hindering to make a diet change. "Anyone who wants to lose six kilos in five weeks and halve blood sugar levels will soon give up in frustration. Anyone who makes one kilogram in three months hardly notices any changes - and will also break off, "explains Riedl.

The expert tip:

Set realistic goals: "Overweight people and those with extreme values ​​should define goals more ambitiously than average - they can do a lot faster, " explains Riedl. But those who have little to improve should plan more modestly. A clue for everyone: 1.5 to 2.5 kilos less a month and after two months of movement in the values ​​- "these are landmarks on the right path".

4. Do not plan the bend

The trap:

After about three to three months, any weight loss and improvement in value comes to a standstill - sometimes it even gets worse. "Then many people give up, " observes Riedl, "especially the disciplined. They think, 'That's no use - I'm on the wrong steamer.' "

The expert tip:

Imagine from the beginning that the curve will eventually go the wrong way - even though you eat disciplined. "The stagnation is basically a good sign. It shows that the body realizes: 'Oh, something changes here permanently - and tries to counteract the supposed hunger crisis, ' explains Riedl. Anyone who takes into account this normal reaction of the body is prepared. And can be sure: After a short dry spell weight and values ​​will continue to improve!

5. Do not plan for everyday stress

The trap:

If you do not brace yourself in advance, you will easily lose unhealthy temptations in everyday stress - for example, when there is no time for a proper lunch break in the office or when you come home in the evening. "Then we raid the snack box or put a pizza in the oven - although we know beforehand that this does not do us any good, " explains Riedl.

The expert tip:

Pack emergency bags - with raw food, fruits, nuts. And deposit them everywhere: in the purse, in the car, in the office, with relatives. "So you can eat well in any difficult situation: at family events, in traffic jams, in meetings." And if I forget the emergency package? "Then you would rather buy a piece of cheese than a sweet particle, " says Riedl.

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