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What is GEMMOTHERAPY? What does GEMMOTHERAPY mean? GEMMOTHERAPY meaning & explanation (May 2019).


At first she became popular in France. Now she comes to us too. Gemmotherapy uses the vitality of young flowers and shoots.

Plant extracts that help better than strong painkillers? That sounds almost incredible. But the 46-year-old office clerk Nicola Stocker has experienced it. Gemmotherapy, a natural medicine related to homeopathy, healed the chronic inflammation of her facial nerve. "Previously, I could only survive my day with morphine patches, " says the woman from Frankfurt. "After taking a teaspoonful full of juniper blossoms every morning for two months, the pain eased. And after half a year, they stopped altogether. "" The special thing about gemmotherapy is that it uses the most valuable of the plant, namely the power of very young buds, shoots and shoots ", explains Dr. med. Sabine Fischer, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Natural Medicine in Kirchberg (Rhineland-Palatinate). "It's different from traditional herbal medicine, which uses many different plant parts such as fruits, leaves, seeds and roots."

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Basic substances are fresh parts of plants

The name says it all: The Latin word "Gemma" means bud. The basic ingredients of the remedies are delicate, fresh parts of plants that are growing and flowering. These contain special enzymes, vitamins, vegetable proteins and growth hormones, which the plant later no longer has. They are needed only in the developmental phase to form many new cells in a relatively short time. In Gemmo preparations they act on our body cells - especially the plant hormones gibberellins and auxins. They become, so to speak, personal trainers in regenerating and healing.

The preparation of the funds is similar to that of homeopathy. After harvesting in spring, the plant parts are soaked in a glycerol-alcohol solution, filtered and then diluted 1:10. "Compared to many homeopathic remedies, however, gemmotherapy remedies have a high proportion of active ingredients, " explains Dr. med. Sabine Fischer. Therefore, they often help faster and more targeted. For acute symptoms such as PMS, headaches or digestive problems, you can try the non-prescription "Gemmos" yourself, because they have no side effects. Announces a migraine, the Gemmo preparation Rosa canina from the dog rose can prevent the outbreak. Rubus idaeus (raspberry) is effective against menstrual cramps and other regular symptoms, because it harmonizes the level of female hormones.

Drops or sprays

The application is also simple: it gives the means as a drop or as a spray. It is usually recommended to take them twice daily between meals or to spray under the tongue. But to be meticulous about certain times is not necessary. If you need to treat lengthy illnesses like Nicola Stocker's chronic pain, you should contact an experienced gemmotherapist. Experts are using the protein composition of the blood ("Functional Proteomics"), which underlies the suffering. This is how Gemmo agents can be put together in a targeted manner (addresses eg from the manufacturer Dr. Koll, see box page 76). In France, where gemmotherapy is already an integral part of naturopathy, it is valued as a supplement to homeopathy. Because with Gemmo means you have more opportunities to support the body in a natural way in self-healing.

Silver linden gives serenity

(Preparation name: Tilia tomentosa) Has a calming and relaxing effect on the central nervous system, elevates the mood. Dissolves fears, helps against nervousness and against melancholy thoughts. Also used for falling asleep and staying asleep.

Sequoia delays aging processes

(Preparation name: Sequoia gigantea). Lingering for mind and body. Keeps ligaments and tendons smoother. Strengthens the bones, so it is also suitable for concomitant therapy in osteoporosis.

Ash detoxifies the body in a gentle way

(Preparation name: Fraxinus excelsior) The most important kidney detoxifier in gemmotherapy. Has draining and blood purifying properties. It also affects joints, ligaments, bones and muscles, so it is also recommended for rheumatic diseases.

Dog Rose relieves migraines and strengthens the defense

(Preparation name: Rosa canina) Promotes immune defense, but also works against migraine. Especially effective in combination with black currant (Ribes nigrum).

Fig tree harmonizes the stomach and soul

(Preparation name: Ficus carica) Calms the nervous system, has an anxiolytic and antidepressant effect. Often used in psychosomatic and stress related disorders. Also suitable for the treatment of stomach pain and gastritis. Regulates appetite and harmonizes digestion.

Raspberry helps with PMS and menopausal symptoms

(Specimen Name: Rubus idaeus) Balances the female hormones, stimulates the ovaries. Helps in the absence or prolonged menstruation, including menopause. Solves cramps

Blackcurrant stops allergies

(Preparation name: Ribes nigrum) One of the most important remedies of gemmotherapy. Inhibits inflammation, acts like a vegetable cortisone. Suitable for allergies such as hay fever and allergic asthma

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