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There he is again: the inner bastard! We do not like him because he does not make it easy for us. Especially if we want to lose weight. We have tips for you on how to overcome the inner bastard.

Not only when getting up on cold winter days, in unpleasant work, but also when losing weight, he plays a major role: Our inner pig. How can he overcome himself? How do you provide the necessary motivation to achieve your own goals? Many people who want to lose weight are faced with these questions and problems. We have three tips for you to kill the inner bastard - and three book tips to help you on your way to success. So take your life in your hands and do not give the bastard a chance!

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Tip 1: Mindfulness against the inner bastard

The great mindfulness book with a variety of simple exercises for everyday life and longer meditations for small breaks.

Get out of the hamster wheel, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, develop serenity, inner peace and joie de vivre, without giving up your job and emigrating to a lonely island - with the help of mindfulness, this is possible, step by step, every day a little bit more. The varied exercises make it possible for everyone to create little time-outs with meditations, contemplations or rituals, but also to integrate mindfulness in the middle of everyday life and to enjoy the little magical moments of life. Important background knowledge about what to pay attention to to maximize impact, as well as inspirational texts, little wisdom stories, quotes and beautiful pictures make this book an ideal gift for yourself or good friends.

Tip 2: Low carb against the inner bastard

The best low carb recipes for every day - fast, easy and suitable for everyday use.

The best low carb recipes for every day - fast, easy and suitable for everyday use. Healthy and tasty diet in the stressful office life? Sounds like a thing of impossibility: Quick a biscuit here, just the bite into the cheese roll there, and in the canteen the fries lure. Everything tastes irresistibly good, but leaves our blood sugar every time ride roller coaster - and cravings and lunchtime low are inevitable! Is it different? Without additional stress? And delicious? It works: with Low Carb - the cookbook for professionals!Choose from over 80 quick recipes, what you like - in any case, your body gets everything it needs: good fats, high-quality protein, healthy carbohydrates and concentrated vital substances power. It gives you energy, makes you full and happy and is completely tailored to your professional life: Whether power breakfast, lunch to go or a quick dinner - the recipes are fast, with ingredients from the supermarket and guaranteed yummy. Wonderful side effect: You stay fit and slim - and cookies and Co. just left.

Tip 3: Running against the inner bastard

The first compact guide to running with the latest scientific findings.

The new GU booklet is aimed at beginners and ambitious amateur runners and brings the latest findings from sports and preventive medicine, training science and nutrition science to the point. Training, muscle building and nutrition plans help make the best pastime for the human body even healthier, more effective, even more valuable. Readers will find everything they need to know in order to optimize their training. Go jogging!

More tips

At you will find further advice for a healthy lifestyle. From renowned diet concepts to fitness programs suitable for everyday use and methods for a healthy work-life balance. Healthy recipes, fitness exercises and nutrition tips from bestselling authors help you to shape your life.

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