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Kavanaugh Apologizes To Sen. Klobuchar After Asking If She Had Ever Been Blackout Drunk | TIME (May 2019).


Forgetfulness does not always have something to do with age or directly with dementia. Water and Ginko help against memory deficits at a young age. Martin Adler.

Forgetful? A glass of water helps

You probably know that too: you meet a friend, you know the face, but the name does not want to come up with a partout. When you're young, you do not worry about it. But about 40, 50 years, one comes to ponder: "Is this a first sign of dementia?" I can calm you down: Forgetfulness is normal to a degree, our brain must even forget to stay flexible Recently, a recent study by Californian psychologists also found that the most successful subjects were those who were able to extract the most important information from a plethora of information and forget about the rest, but what if the memory lapses accumulate? stay and drink a glass of water.

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We can not put our memory capacity under pressure. The more desperately we try to find the misplaced key, the less likely it will be to discover it. Lack of fluid can also lead to impaired memory. Incidentally, this is why older people are becoming forgetful - many drink too little.

In case of memory laps, gingko also works

At what degree of forgetfulness should one talk to his doctor? All in all you can not say that. But if you suddenly find that you can no longer remember things that did not cause you any problems in the past, you should contact him for safety's sake. For example, with Ginkgo special extract preparations from the pharmacy that can be sold for free, memory loss can be halted. This is proven even by large scientific studies.

And there's a clever trick for remembering your name: If you shake your opponent's hand while getting to know each other and say his name aloud, you will be able to remember him better. Why? Because our brain works primarily with images and sensations. Just give it a try.

Dr. Martin Adler
is a specialist in general medicine, natural remedies, homeopathy, environmental and nutritional medicine and acupuncture. He practices in victories. At the University of M├╝nster, he is a lecturer and head of the Department of Natural Remedies. His credo: "Nature is one of the best doctors.

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