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When the sun is shining outside and the temperatures are really comfortable, it is high time to move in the fresh air. We present the best sports and outdoor activities in the open air. The most important thing: sport should be fun!

If you want to stay fit and healthy, you have to do sports. Outdoor activities such as cycling, badminton or golfing are not only fun, they also help you lose weight and improve your fitness. Even yoga or Pilates exercises in the open air and best amid idyllic nature more enjoyment than in confined spaces. Below, we have listed a variety of sports that will help you burn calories, train your fitness, and enjoy great physical exertion. Which sport would you choose?

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Water features: swimming

It is not only refreshing to swim a few laps in the outdoor pool, to jump into the next bathing lake or into the sea. Swimming is also an excellent - and gentle - workout: the buoyancy of the water makes the body weightless and relieves the joints. Anyone who has knee or neck problems should, however, only crawl or swim back. For optimal training effects, you should swim as long as possible without breaks and prefer warm, rather than too cold, water. So the muscles are better supplied with blood and do not cramp so fast. Are the last moves done, do not immediately climb out of the water. Better to slide something on your back to normalize the circulation.

Conclusion: A low-priced, gentle and effective sport to strengthen the entire musculature. Crawling ensures optimal energy and fat consumption, breaststroke is about the same with cycling.

Course qualification: Golfing

Golf is considered sedate - wrongly: The golf swing 124 of 434 muscles are moved and coordinated. A round usually consists of 18 fairways and lasts up to 3.5 hours. It burns to the 1100 calories. Many clubs require a handicap, which can be acquired on a beginner's course. As an initial equipment sports shoes and comfortable clothes. Golf clubs can be borrowed at the club.

Conclusion: Mobility, body control and concentration are equally encouraged.

Fresh kick: aqua gymnastics

Water aerobics is figure training in a gentle way. Nonetheless, water resistance makes the sport very effective. Fitness programs in the pool are also an optimal fat killer. This is due to the high thermal conductivity. Our body gives off three to four times more heat to the water than to the air. The metabolism must therefore be neat, so that the body does not cool down during training. And: The skin is permanently massaged by the water pressure, the tissue is better supplied with blood, spider veins and varicose veins are prevented. An aqua jogging belt or special weights for arms and feet ("aqua-twins") increase the training effect.

Healthy nutrition is important, not only for our body and our fitness, but also for our health. We give you simple diet tips with great effect.

Conclusion: Ideal for beginners, as the risk of injury goes to zero. Movements are slower in the water than on land. Nevertheless, Aqua Gymnastics burns many calories: up to 400 per half hour.

Sandpiper: beach volleyball

So that the quick rally is not too tiring at the beginning, you play instead of two, as actually intended, just four people on each side. Before you start, you should warm up. Sunscreen is mandatory, as are sunglasses for UV rays and whirling sand.

Conclusion: Calories are burned while you peck over the pitch. Beach volleyball claims almost all muscles. For the untrained sports, however, carries a certain risk of injury.

Pacemaker: Nordic Walking

Just take a step to the next walk and swing your 90-degree-bent arms back and forth close to your body. The stride should be slightly shorter than normal walking. And you walk, train not only the legs, but the whole body and get your fat metabolism going. And that very gently and gently. Fancy something new? Then try breath-walking, a combination of brisk walking, conscious breathing and yoga exercises.

Conclusion: It can start immediately. All you need are good shoes. Those who additionally use sticks can increase their energy consumption by up to 46 percent and at the same time strengthen their upper body. However, this technique is a bit more complicated, a beginner course therefore makes sense.

Big break: inline skating

Glide through the landscape, the wind in your face: Inline skating improves endurance, balance and coordination, strengthens the muscles in the legs and buttocks and consumes many calories. The flowing movement prevents overloading of ligaments and joints. Inline skating can be learned in a beginner course.

You want to lose weight and be slim? Our experts know the best motivation tips!

Conclusion: Fitness and equipment are required: skates, helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads.

Battle: badminton

A relaxed badminton match in the park is a good start. This mainly trains the ball feeling, orientation and reaction. The rules are simple: When Badminton the badminton is as possible to place in the opposing field that your opponent can not play it back. The equipment is manageable: Non-slip shoes are important, rackets and shuttlecocks are available in all price ranges. A good warm-up is necessary before training to prevent muscle strain. Badminton is usually played in the hall, the even faster outdoor variant is Speedminton, which can be played even in the dark, even in the wind and thanks to bright balls.

Conclusion: Speed ​​is required, flexibility, power and balance are encouraged. Beginners have a quick sense of achievement.

Landparty: Cycling

Cycling is the perfect way to get going. It boosts circulation and stamina, strengthens the heart and defenses, tightens the legs, buttocks and the deep back muscles. Another plus: You can see much more on a bike tour than, for example, hiking. 30 to 40 kilometers can be done by even the least trained. And there is room on the porter for a small picnic basket to reward. By the way: Even ten minutes on the bike have a positive effect - even the tour to the bakery is worthwhile.

Conclusion: Cycling is the ideal fat killer for people with a few pounds on their hips or joint problems.

Jaunt: Rowing

How about a weekend boat trip? The even movement stimulates calorie consumption and fat burning and in particular strengthens the upper body muscles. And because the whole thing happens while sitting, it does not burden the joints. It is important that you move fluently. You should have a firm sitting position and not lean back too far. Basically, the narrower the boat, the more wobbly it gets. On calm waters paddling is child's play. Important: Have headgear and sunscreen, as the radiation on the water is particularly intense. Exciting indoor variation: team rowing on rowing machines in the gym. Depending on your wishes, the courses can specifically build muscle or, above all, train your heart and circulation.

Conclusion: Rowing brings the heart and circulation effectively on tours, strengthens the condition. But is connected on the water with some effort.

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