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Relaxation The back massage

Back Massage for Relaxation & Wellness, ASMR No Talking (April 2019).


A back massage solves more than just tensions and physical blockages - it can provide the starting signal for overall well-being

The back and forehead massage

You probably know it too: A stressful day in the office, everyday hecticness, worries, physical overwork and wearing heavy bags will take their toll sooner or later. Then it comes to tension and pain. A back massage can help to relax and eliminate the disturbing factor. Many people know the feeling of stiff neck and hardened muscles. Unconsciously, the aching area is rubbed, so high time to do something against the colloquial widespread disease!

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First, the cause should be analyzed and clarified, so that it is clear whether the problem should be solved with a wellness (in case of lighter tensions) or a medical massage (in case of stronger problems and restricted mobility). Incorrect diagnosis and treatment can aggravate the symptoms in the worst case scenario. The doctor prescribes or applies massages for muscle hardening, diseases and syndromes of the musculoskeletal system, sports tension, poor muscular performance, post-traumatic changes and sciatica. The main effect of the classical massage comes from the improvement of the blood circulation in the circulation and the resulting better oxygenation and metabolic activity.

Other positive effects

• Local increase in blood flow
• Reduction of blood pressure and pulse rate as well as blood circulation
• Improvement of cell metabolism in the tissue
• Relaxation of the muscles, skin and connective tissue
• pain relief
• Strengthening the immune system by releasing happiness and relaxation hormones
• Influence on the autonomic nervous system
• Loosening of bonds and scars (especially important after operations)
• Improved wound healing
• Influence on internal organs via reflex arches
• Psychic relaxation
• Reduction of stress and tension (due to emotional imbalance)
• Relaxation of skin and connective tissue
• release mental blockages

What does massage mean and how does it work?

The word massage comes from the Greek and means "kneading". This is understood to mean the mechanical influence on the skin, connective tissue and musculature through pressure, strain and tension stimulation. Starting from the treated area, the entire body and the psyche are relaxed, as there is always an interaction between body, mind and soul. Physical relaxation is usually associated with a mental, which produces less stress hormones, such as cortisol, and relaxes the body even more. A cycle that is worth it to stimulate. The back massage is a classic massage that is used to relax and treat certain conditions. It is exercised on the back of the upper body, the shoulder area as well as in the neck area and partly on the neck and upper arms. These areas are considered auxiliary body parts of the supporting musculature of the torso. The hands are used, and in the case of the non-classical, there are also aids such as stones, oils, feet, etc. In addition, a distinction is made between direct (classic) and indirect mode of action. The direct massage is aimed directly at the area of ​​application (skin, muscles and lower layers) of the affected area. It is recognized by evidence-based medicine. In contrast, the indirect (reflex) mode of action is based on the effect of a stimulated body zone. Stimuli are transmitted via so-called reflex arcs.

The forehead as an activity center

The forehead should not be underestimated: In addition to the fact that generally through the skin and the underlying sensory cells any comforting touch forwarded to the brain and thus the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin can be released, also pain-relieving endorphins can be produced, which also make even happier, In some Indian religions, a part of the forehead is called a "third eye, " which is supposed to be a supernatural energy center at the point of the sixth chakra between the eyebrows. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, it has been proven that massages and touches that are perceived as pleasurable make you happier and more resilient and therefore healthier.

Forehead casting:With a gentle jet of warm oil flows over the forehead, which calms the entire autonomic nervous system and a deeper dissolved relaxation state is brought about. A self-massage of this region is also possible: It relieves tension, stimulates the lymphatic flow and improves the facial expression. You can easily do it yourself: With your eyes closed, sit on a chair, place your middle fingers between your brows on your forehead, and then push them along your eyebrows down to your temples and then back again. Then brush the fingertips from the inside outwards below the eyebrow - do not apply too much pressure to the eye area! Afterwards, glide again above the eyebrows with your fingers to the outermost point of the brows and then on to the hairline. Now stroke the hairline to the temples several times with light pressure and finally put a palm full width on the forehead and exert slight pressure. In addition to the (foot) reflexology, this variant is a good alternative to back massage, for which you would need a second person.

Are massages prescribed by the doctor?

In case of a pathological tension, it is necessary to consult a doctor or therapist. Sometimes these are also paid. For a massage, however, is taken over by the health insurance, a physical suffering, such as a herniated disc with the associated pain must be present. This justifies a treatment by the so-called catalog of remedies, which provides for the first ordinance a maximum of ten sessions (distributed over two recipes). If the symptoms are not gone, the doctor may again prescribe ten massage appointments. The physiotherapist makes a diagnosis on the basis of the medical diagnosis and then continues treatment. As a rule, six sessions are prescribed.

How much is a back massage?

However, you can also go to a physiotherapist and chiropractor without a prescription. Then the prices are on average at ten to fifteen euros for 20 minutes, or just under one euro per minute. Basically, the massage prices are between ten and 150 euros, depending on the duration and nature of the application and the place where they are performed. Wellness centers are more expensive than physiotherapists. And maybe your partner or girlfriend can massage?

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