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How to Get in Shape by Swimming (May 2019).


Are you a real water rat? Then have in the pool with you! Swimming not only keeps you fit and healthy, but also helps you build muscle and stamina.

An afternoon in the pool, that's summer happiness: feel the sun on your skin, dive into the water to cool down - and do something swimming for the figure. The endurance workout provides, in contrast to running or cycling, for evenly trained, beautifully elongated muscles. Even people whose joints are less resilient, can get started immediately. Here is an overview of the different swimming styles and what they bring to our fitness.

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The swimming variants

Breaststroke strengthens especially biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder and thigh muscles. A 75 kg person consumes between 180 and 250 calories at half an hour. Our tip: Do not hold your head completely over the water, because that overstretches the neck and puts strain on the spine.

Speed ​​swimming is not a style of its own, but water training in a specially marked "speed train". Here you can safely pace without disturbing others. Tip: The courses are usually open in the morning or later in the evening.

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