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The rappelvolle gym costs you nerves, time and money, but at home is unfortunately no room for a fitness machine - or is it? These workout assistants are not only practically small, but also effective

Easy-Tone: Fitness for Lazy
You'll never want to take it off again: with "EasyTone" shoes, every step becomes a figure-shaping fitness exercise. Two air cushions integrated into the sole permanently create a slight instability, which the body has to compensate for by using muscle. As soon as you are in motion, especially the butt, thighs and calves are trained.
The shoes intensify every sport program: "Strengthening exercises such as squats work more effectively with 'EasyTones', because it additionally activates the stabilizing musculature, " explains Reebok Global Instructor Johanna Fellner. ("EasyTone" by Reebok, about 99 Euro,

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Togu Brasils: Protects the joints
The mini-dumbbells filled with metal sand and air look like green rubber cacti. They are "geshaked", ie moved back and forth, which claims especially the deep muscles. In conjunction with simple exercises creates a highly effective, the joints gentle training.
"The nubbed surface appeals equally to the senses and muscles, " explains "Brasils" creator Gabi Fastner. Five minutes of training per day is enough to improve your figure, posture and body tension. An exercise video (on explains the different sequences of movements. ("Togu Brasils", each couple about 18 euros, information at

BodyVib: Strong vibrations
Normal dumbbell stoppage was yesterday: Vibration dumbbells provide effective training in half the time. The fact that the vibrations arrive deep in the muscles makes the exercises gentle on the joints. In addition, the vibrations improve the blood circulation, support the removal of metabolic products via the lymphatic system and improve the appearance of the skin.
Beware of over motivation! "It is important that you do not exercise more than three times a week with the dumbbell, " advises personal trainer Arno Schmitt. "Because the muscles need sufficient regeneration time." ("Body Vib Dumbbell D1", approx. 670 Euro incl. DVD)

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