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Fitness videos to tighten and lose weight

Workouts for Women : How to Lose Belly Fat with Exercises (May 2019).


Fitness videos that make you (nice) legs! Excuses no longer count because our fitness videos make you fit and slim from the comfort of your own home. Whether Zumba, Pilates exercises or stomach-legs-butt, here everyone gets his fat away.

Fit by Pilates

Pilates for the pelvic floor

See Pelvic floor Pilates in our video.

Workout Galleries

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Stand-up exercises

Yoga Pilates: The energy program for the morning

Start the day in a fit and vital way and recharge your batteries for the job.


Yoga Pilates for a flat stomach

We'll show you five exercises to follow.

evening programme

Yoga Pilates: Relaxation program for evenings

Gentle training for the body and inner balance.

Yoga Pilates

Harmonious duo for body & mind

We explain what is important in this workout.


Abdominal training made easy

You want a flat, taut stomach, maybe even a six-pack?

New fitness trend

Zumba for the home

Learn the most important steps.

Train by train to the dream body

Training with the Thera Band

Training with the elastic Thera-Band is gentle and extremely effective.



Yoga exercises for a strong back

These exercises strengthen and relax alike.

Fit through fitness videos
What is needed to be healthy and live? Very much. One pays attention to his diet and always strives to sleep enough. Of course, sport also plays a big role. Those who do fitness do something good for their body and stay in shape. Registration in the gym is a must for many people. We train several evenings a week in those rooms where there is a lot of air and many other people sweat together with one who has what it takes. It only sprouts up in front of bacteria there: on the equipment and in the changing room. Lucky is the one who does not catch a virus, but remains healthy. So you do not have to go through this fitness hell, we have put together for you many helpful fitness videos, with which you can start directly with your workout at home. Have you been dreaming of a nice flat stomach for a long time? Then have a look at our Bauchexpress video. The videos show you exactly how each exercise works and what it does, and there are helpful tips and tricks. You are more of a dance type and are not so into fitness exercises? No problem, with the dance workout video you do something for your fitness and at the same time have a lot of fun and even lose long term weight. Click through and find your fitness favorite.

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