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Fitness Which Yoga is right for me?

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Yoga is not the same as yoga. Newly developed variants are de-stressed and can alleviate specific complaints. We show you which yoga fits which body type.

Yin Yoga

helps with back pain What is special? Yin Yoga is one of the calmest and gentlest forms of yoga. The Californian Paul Grilley has developed it as a combination of the classic Ashtanga plus elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Doctrine.

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FOR YOU employee Verena Reygers tested Yin Yoga:

"After an hour, my back was painless" "Sport does not necessarily protect against Kreuzweh. Although I move a lot and even do yoga exercises - it sometimes gets mighty in the back if I sit at the desk too long. 'Never again, ' promises Yin yoga guru Paul Grilley. This form should be beneficial, especially for the back. So, in my first Yin Yoga class, I sit on my mat with my legs stretched out, my upper body leaning forward, my back rounded. My forearms rest on the floor next to the legs. I'm supposed to hold this position for five minutes, explains the instructor Claudia Uhrig. Oops, that's not so easy. After just two minutes, I have an urgent need to free myself from the stooped position. But I hold on bravely and breathe slowly in and out. So while the asanas, the postures, are performed actively and powerfully in many other yoga styles, they should be kept passive and without muscular effort in Yin Yoga. 'Yin Yoga balances our performance-oriented everyday life, ' explains my Hamburg teacher. 'Do not sink too ambitiously, ' she advises me., You do not have to do anything. The effectiveness unfolds over time. ' Why that makes the back so good, can be explained medically, she tells us.

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Previously, back experts made the spine and joints responsible for pain. Meanwhile, they have also recognized the importance of connective tissue. Its fibers, called fascia, surround muscles, tendons, joints, and bones. Unclaimed, they can harden and even become inflamed - and that can be painful at times. "Yin yoga is so beneficial because holding the positions for minutes makes the connective tissue supple and flexible, " says the teacher. The surprising effect shows up when I carefully release my first posture after the five passive minutes: At first my back feels extremely stiff, but the next moment a warm feeling spreads out along my spine. 'This is Prana Chi, ' says Claudia Uhrig, explaining to me, 'The life energy stagnates during the exercise in the stretched area and then flows through the body all the more.' In fact, after this yoga class, not only is my back pain free. I also feel completely balanced and energetic. "Yin yoga is still relatively new in Germany and is mainly offered in workshops - it is best to check out at your local yoga school.

By Stefanie Arend there is a book and DVD entitled "Yin Yoga" (Schirner, each 14.95 euros).

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