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Relaxation Yoga Dancing

Music for Yoga Dance Relaxation Meditation Vinyasa Flow "The Infinite Moment" Jonny Be (April 2019).


Yoga has long ceased to be just a trend - yoga mutates into an attitude towards life. Especially popular: yoga and exercise. How to do that? Yogadancing is the keyword - this program combines movement, fitness, fun and relaxation into a practice that keeps body and mind fit.

What is yoga dancing?

In fact, yoga and dance are an extraordinary mix. But now the two sports can actually be combined in one program: Yogadancing combines movement, fitness, fun and relaxation into a practice that lapses pounds with a pleasant feeling and keeps the body and mind fit. Yogadancing stands for a symbiosis of dance to multicultural sounds, with predetermined as well as free movement elements and classical yoga exercises - all packed together in a crunchy 90 minutes.

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Clearly, the concept of Miriam Wessel also has a clear objective: an increased enjoyment of life and more creativity. In addition, the inner peace should be promoted and a bad sleep can be significantly improved. Another aspect is the strengthening of the body: the immune system is strengthened and the muscles are built up. Generally improved mobility and a strengthening of condition and coordination are also positive side effects. And above all: you lose "relaxed" extra kilos. Another plus: This program is not just for absolute yoga beginners who enjoy movement and want to get into the world of meditation. Yogadancing offers even hardcore yoga professionals a skillful alternation to repetitive exercise routines.

The 5-step-principle of yoga-changing

  • Initially, the participants are directed into a self- reflection phase. In this introductory phase, feelings and well-being should be carefully explored and answered.
  • This phase is transformed into a sweat- inducing dance phase that aims to balance human energy centers - called chakras in the jargon - with movement and rhythmic music.
  • It follows a floor phase in the style of classical yoga exercises and the program is rounded off by a calming and relaxing phase to deepen the previously gained impulses.
  • The end consists of so-called mantra moves, which combine meditation and simple movement to stimulate the mental flow of energy.


Yogadancing offers are available in every major yoga center, as well as in gyms near you. Just check the latest trend in your local fitness center. The creator and discoverer of this program, Miriam Wessels, also offers various workshops in and around Hamburg. Learn from Master herself and bring body and mind back into harmony with fun and movement. Information about yogadancing, workshops and the creator herself can be found here.

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