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Workouts for Women : How to Lose Belly Fat with Exercises (May 2019).


You want to lose weight, if possible overnight? It's not child's play, but with some tricks you can get fit and slim quickly. How to do that and what you have to do for it? Read this here.

Who does not dream of it: being fit, slim and, at the same time, healthy. Unfortunately, it's not that easy and fast - especially not overnight. However, it does not always require many years of training to achieve the desired fitness and feel-good weight. We give you valuable tips on how to get fit quickly and lose a few pounds without dieting.

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Change your everyday life

Even small exercises can do a lot. For example, if you are at the supermarket checkout, on the bus, or in any other waiting position, make sense of waiting with small exercises. Slowly raise and lower your heels to train the calf muscles of your legs. Hold the top position on your toes for a few seconds. You will be amazed at the positive effect!

Every gait makes you slim! If you have always preferred the elevator, then use the stairs from now on. Climbing stairs not only makes you fit, but also trains the muscles of your legs and legs. Do not just leave the elevator on the left - the car can also stay in the garage. Short distances can be ideally covered by bike. It burns in about 60 minutes about 400 calories, in addition, the endurance is trained. Who cycled several times a week, can almost save the gym!

Take breaks

Especially during the working week, most of us sit a lot, but do not move much. It is not healthy in the long run, and it is only a matter of time before the kilos settle on the hips and stomach. You can do something good for your health every day if you use small and long breaks for mini-workouts. For example, by stretching your forearms on the desk, holding your elbows to your body. Now press with your flat hands against the table top and hold this tension for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise a few times. So not only your upper arms are trained, but also your back and your chest muscles.

Eat yourself fit

Exercise and exercise are important, but the first way to feel good weight is through nutrition. Every day you can work on your diet change. It does not have to be agony, it can even be a lot of fun! Make sure you eat enough in the morning so you have enough energy for the day. Your body needs a lot of energy. Make time for breakfast and avoid small "to go" snacks or unhealthy snacks in between. At lunchtime, be sure to eat slowly and consciously, rather than being influenced by the stress of work. The body takes a while to pass on the feeling of satiety to the brain. Many people continue to eat even though they already have enough. In the evening, eat at least three hours before going to bed to sleep well. In addition, healthy food is the nuts and bolts. Too much sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy fats are often associated with sluggishness and tiredness. Only those who eat a balanced diet can feel healthy and fit.

In addition to the change in diet and more exercise in everyday life, you should also go to a gym once or twice a week and complete additional workouts. Do what you enjoy - preferably with a training partner. If you are a couple, the motivation increases guaranteed.

Those who not only want to get fit but also want to lose weight can support their plans with a diet. However, it is important that you exercise during the diet phase enough and put on a slow and permanent diet change, so after the end of the diet no adverse effect jojo occurs.

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