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If you want to stay slim and enjoyable without hunger, you should protect your metabolism. Read how it works best.

It lurks everywhere: in chocolate bars, in pasta with cream sauce and in quick ready meals from the freezer. No other combination seems as popular as sugar and fat.

Regulate your metabolism and lose weight healthily and permanently with the diet plans of Almased.

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And probably nothing else is so damaging to the figure. Although our body regularly needs fat and sugar for its energy balance. However, if he absorbs too much of both, he stores the surplus in his depots, the fat cells. The same applies to carbohydrates - which include not only sugar but also pasta or white bread. The Fatal: Fat cells have the ability to inflate to 200 times their original size - and in almost all parts of the body.

Fat loss? None

Normally, these reserves melt as less energy is consumed than the metabolism consumes. However, those who eat sugar and fat at the same time slow down this natural loss of fat dramatically: "When someone ingests sugar, his pancreas releases the hormone insulin, " explains Dr. Thorsten Siegmund, Senior Consultant of Endocrinology at the Klinikum Bogenhausen in Munich. "The insulin needs the body to pass the sugar into the cells of the organs. At the same time it blocks fat loss. "And what happens to the fat that you eat with sugar? "Insulin prevents the metabolism from processing it, " says Siegmund. "It goes straight to the depots." The sugar-fat trap snaps shut.

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