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Strength training and muscle building exercises with the Thera Band

2 Upper Back Exercises For Strengthening With Resistance Bands (April 2019).


The elastic bands build muscle, improve posture and relieve pain

Exercises with the Thera Band


The starting position: Hip hip stand, right foot is on the center of the band. The ends are held at about chest height in the hands, arms are bent, elbows point slightly backwards. Now with your left foot make a lunge forward, the right heel comes off the ground and you go slightly to the knees. The weight is evenly distributed on both feet. Important: The upper body remains upright, abdominal muscles are tense. The movement: Guide your hands forward until your arms are almost stretched (see photo). Keep short. Slowly move back beside the chest. Change leg after a few repetitions.

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The starting position: The legs are open, the knees slightly bent. Wrap the band around your hands so that the distance is approx. 30 cm. Now raise your arms up to the ceiling, do not stretch completely, your elbows point to your sides, your palms face each other. The movement: From this position, the arms are opened laterally to the back (photo), while the shoulder blades move towards each other. Then lift the arms gently. Repeat as desired.


Starting position: set feet wide, do not stretch legs. Lean slightly forward with your back straight, head in, view towards the floor. Tense stomach. The arms dangle, the hands are about knee high. The band lies underfoot and its ends wrap around your hands so that it is taut when your arms are hanging. The movement: Stay in this position, but raise your hands to the rib cage (photo). Keep it short, back slowly. To repeat.


The Starting Position: Take the posture from Exercise 3, but this time the upper body is more upright, the knees are more bent and the band crosses over the body. Important: your back should be stretched. Tense the abdominal muscles as if you want to pull your navel inwards slightly. The movement: From this slightly forward leaning position, open the arms upwards until the hands are at about head height (photo), pulling the shoulders backwards. Lower your arms in peace and begin the exercise over again.


Starting position: Stand with legs apart and knees bent, the tiptoes pointing slightly outwards. The band is fixed by the right foot and wrapped around the left hand so that it is slightly tensioned when the hand - with the upper body tilted forward - is in front of the right knee. The Movement: Pull the strap to the top left, straighten up until your legs are almost stretched out. The view follows the left hand upwards (photo). Carefully go back to the starting position. Repeat a few times, then switch sides.


The starting position: As in exercise 5, you are in the stance. One foot fixes the band, but this time each end of the band is wrapped around one hand. In the starting position, the band should be slightly stretched when both arms are hanging down. The weight is shifted to the left leg, the right is stretched. The movement: Guide the right arm up the side of the body until the hand is pointing over the head to the left (photo). The arm is bent, the shoulder is pulled backwards. Back in peace. After a few repetitions another side.


The starting position: They are hip-width on the tape. Now crouch down with your back straight forward. Wrap the ends around your hands and lay the tape forward over the shoulders from behind. The band should be slightly stretched in this attitude. The movement: Stretch the legs out of this position (photo) - as far as you are comfortable. The knees remain slightly bent even when standing, the back is straight. Then slowly squat back down. Repeat exercise.


The starting position: They stand with both feet on the Thera band, their feet about hip-width apart. Wrap a band end around your right hand so that it is stretched when the arm hangs down. The movement: Shift the weight to the left leg and lift the right side up (photo). At the same time, you angle the right arm so that the hand moves from the thigh to the shoulder. Important: Do not twist the pelvis, the patella also remains forward while moving. Slowly lower again. Repeat a few times, then change sides.

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