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Canning Pears in the oven

Easy Baked Pears Recipe | The Sweetest Journey (May 2019).


Delicious! These cooked pears can be served as delicious sweets or desserts. A spoonful of vanilla ice cream and the pickled fruits become a secret star in the dessert heaven. With our recipe, you can simply boil fresh pears yourself and make them last longer in this way.

Freeze freshly harvested pears from the garden? That does not work really well. So you can enjoy the delicious fruits even after the pear season, we recommend the Einkochen - a great way to make the delicious fruit preserved. When cooking pears, use ripe but not overripe fruits and make sure the fruit is as fresh as possible. The pears can be inserted with or without shell. You should always add a dash of lemon juice or some vinegar to the broth so that the pulp does not turn brown.

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Recipe for cooked pears

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

  • 2 kg medium pears

    Pears not only taste delicious as Desesrt, but also in combination with savory, the fruits are a real treat! How about baked pear and ham toast?

  • 1 lemon
  • 200 ml white wine
  • 300 g of sugar
  • 2 cinnamon sticks (broken into pieces)
  • a handful of cloves
  • 2 tins preservation aid


  1. First clean the preserving jars and lids with hot water and detergent, then rinse with boiling water.
  2. Clean, wash and peel the pears. Then halve or quarter and remove the core. If you use thin-skinned pears, they do not necessarily have to be peeled off.
  3. Put some lemon juice in a bowl of water and put the peeled halves of the pear immediately, otherwise they will turn brown.
  4. Blanch the prepared pears. For the fruits for two minutes in boiling water, take out of the water and quenched with ice water. Then drain the quenched fruit well and place in the prepared glasses.
  5. Boil 800 ml of water with white wine, sugar, cloves, preserving aid and cinnamon stick pieces; until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the pieces of cinnamon stick from the broth and then pour over the pears and fill the preserving jars. Quickly close the jars with a lid.
  6. Fill a dripping pan with water and place the sealed jars in it. Make sure that the glasses do not touch the outer edge of the pan. Put everything in the oven and cook for two hours.
  7. Remove the hot glasses from the oven and let cool with a dishcloth covered. Finished!

Serve the boiled pears for dessert or prepare delicious cakes and tarts. Tastes delicious and also the pears look really great. Good Appetite!

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