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Canning red porridge with cherries

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Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or redcurrants: Cook a fruity berry porridge and serve the lukewarm dessert with vanilla pudding, semolina pudding or ice cream. The recipe for the sweet dessert can be found here.

Red fruit jelly is a true dessert classic, which is very popular with young and old. We cook the dessert with seasonal fruits and refine the red dessert with a subtle hint of vanilla. The berry porridge is cooked in no time, then is filled in preserving jars and thus made longer preserved. This red porridge is not boiled with water, but put on with Kirschnektar. This does not dilute the dessert and the fruity berry flavor is preserved. Try the light recipes and strengthen yourself after a long day with a good dose of red fruit jelly!

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Recipe for fruity berry groats

Ingredients for 3 glasses (Ă  500 ml)

  • 1.2 kg mixed berries and cherries (cleaned or pitted)
  • scratched marrow of 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 strip of cut organic lemon peel
  • 150 ml cherry nectar
  • 500 g jam sugar 2: 1


  1. Place fruits, vanilla, lemon zest, cherry nectar and sugar in a large saucepan and bring to a boil while stirring. Approximately Boil for 3 minutes bubbly, then remove the lemon peel.
  2. Fill the hot grits briskly in clean mason jars and close immediately. Store in a cool and dark area.

The boiled, sweet fruits taste really delicious, especially in winter, and remind us of beautiful summer moments on strawberry fields, blueberry plantation and in our own garden. Also, the filled mason jars make a great gift idea.

You still have berries left and looking for delicious recipes? How about a delicious currant elderberry jam or a fresh blackberry and blueberry spread? Also the boiled raspberries we can highly recommend.

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