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Pomegranate liqueur, Quince liqueur - Homemade liqueurs recipes (May 2019).


It does not always have to be jam to preserve the fresh harvest of the summer: try a homemade fruit liqueur! We have put together a recipe for delicious quince liqueur for you.

Adding a liqueur is not complicated at all and, bottled in a nice bottle, it is a great gift for friends or family. For this homemade quince liquor you need sugar, an alcohol base, a little bit of time - and of course fresh quince. In the first step, a juice is made from the quince. If you do not have a juicer, you can work traditionally with a clean cotton cloth, through which the boiled fruit mass is wrung. So the juice is especially fine.

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In order for the liqueur to last a long time, clean working is particularly important. Sterilize the bottles, funnels and cotton cloth best with boiling water. Together with alcohol and sugar, the liqueur lasts for at least a year. Provided, of course, he will not be drunk before.

By the way: If you prefer to use a different brandy than grain for the alcoholic base, you can also use vodka. He is also high-proof and relatively tasteless.

Recipe for homemade quince liqueur

Ingredients for 2 bottles (500 ml)

  • 1 to 1 1/2 kg of quince
  • 300 g of sugar
  • 1/2 l double grain (38% vol.), Alternatively vodka
  • 4 cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick


  1. Rub the quince with a kitchen towel until the fluff disappears. Then wash the fruits, cut into small pieces and mince with a blender. Put the sugar in a pot and bring to a boil, then let it cool. Put the quince mixture in a kitchen towel, twist the cloth together and squeeze out the juice and catch it. Now about 1/2 liter of quince juice should have been created. Allow the juice to cool.
  2. Put juice, spices and grain in a large, closable container. Close well and allow to dry in a warm place for 3 to 4 weeks.
  3. Sterilize bottles and funnels.
  4. Fill the bottles with a fine sieve and seal well.

Tip: In addition to different schnapps you can also experiment with different types of sugar such as candy or cane sugar. Ginger or vanilla are great ingredients that give the quince liqueur a different note.

Storage: Store the homemade liqueur best in a dark and cool place. The quince liqueur is stable for at least one year.

What to do if the quince liqueur gels?

For fruits with a high pectin content, it may happen that the liqueur gels over time. To prevent this, there are different tricks. A reliable method, which is also used in the fruit juice and wine preparation, is the addition of an anti-gelling agent. They can be bought in pharmacies and drugstores and can also help to liquefy already prepared liqueurs. But watch out: The Antigel consists of enzymes, so it must not be heated.

Quince - forgotten aroma miracle

Although they are a true marvel of flavor, aroma and healthy ingredients, quinces are rarely found in supermarkets. On the other hand, those who regularly shop at weekly markets or count among the lucky ones with their own orchard know the fruit for sure: quinces remind of apples or pears and have a light fluff that needs to be rubbed off with a kitchen towel before use. In fact, one distinguishes the fruits in pear and apple quince. The yellow fruits have a very firm, slightly grainy flesh with a tart-sour taste. In addition, they contain healthy ingredients such as pectins, potassium or crude fiber and are suitable for different forms of preparation. Very popular is quince jelly, but also for juices or liqueurs the quince is often used.

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