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Every mom knows the key word baby oil: When winding, it is often used to care for the delicate baby skin, to prevent redness or even inflammation - and it also leaves behind this classic baby scent. But not only for the infant, the oil is suitable: Many beauty tricks are based on the all-rounder and even for cleaning it is suitable.

Tired winter skin gets fit again

What is good for baby's skin, but can not be wrong with us, right? This is exactly how it is: especially dry skin, for example on the feet, shins or elbows can be cared for properly soft again by baby oil. To do this you simply have to massage the baby oil on the affected areas and the oil can work overnight. Even as a bath additive, the oil makes great: Just add a few drops to your bath salt or bubble bath, and already the skin will be pampered while bathing. Creaming is then no longer necessary after bathing.

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Beauty tricks with baby oil

Not only caring, but also really helpful can be baby oil. For make-up removal, for example, it is excellent. Just sprinkle a large cotton pad with some oil and gently wipe it over your eyes, face and neck. Make-up is so gently and at the same time thoroughly removed. But shaving is also wonderful with baby oil. Just use it as a shaving cream replacement. Thus, the razor blade glides over the skin without any problems, which is less irritated and cared for at the same time.

Useful helper

Even in everyday life baby oil can be very helpful in some places. After painting, for example. When it comes to color on your skin, you can easily remove them with baby oil again - so harsh ingredients or rubbing firm. And even for cleaning, the miracle agent is a practical helper: stainless steel makes it shine in no time. Dimmed sinks, cooker hoods or kitchen utensils are shiny and streak-free again with a few drops of baby oil and a polishing cloth.

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