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Gentle healing Alternative medicine for children

Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud? (June 2019).


Small patients should be spared chemistry as possible. We introduce classic and new methods of healing and say when they are suitable and how much they cost.

What, cough again? Especially small children seem to be more often sick than healthy. No wonder the young organism first has to "work away" a large number of pathogens until it has the defensive power of an adult. Parents want to relieve the discomfort of their children, but the delicate body but not the usual drugs of conventional medicine expect. This is not the only reason why alternative healing methods are popular: they also ask about the causes of a disease and strengthen the self-healing powers. That's what parents like to hear. But which method helps with whom? And what would you rather leave out your fingers?

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In general: If there is no improvement after an alternative treatment, you have to go immediately to the pediatrician. And in the case of more serious illnesses, gentle healing methods can not be more than a supplement to conventional medicine. Their costs are borne by the health insurance companies, with alternative methods, they often cross. A tip: Starting at around 30 euros per year, you can take out an additional policy for naturopathic treatments with many insurances. In the future, depending on the tariff, you will receive a large part of the treatment costs (50 to 90 percent).

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