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It does not always have to be the playground. Cool outdoor activities can be practiced with your kids at almost every corner. We have the best outdoor tips for you and your family!

When it gets warmer outside, it also attracts large and small more of house and apartment again. Lucky ones can guess who owns a garden. But even in the park or forest you can experience great adventures with your children! We have written cool and exciting tips for you.

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1st tip: scavenger hunt

For a scavenger hunt, you do not even have to leave your own neighborhood. Even in urban areas, a scavenger hunt for older children is suitable. Smaller people should always be accompanied by an adult. Distribute small clues in your area, with each clue leading to the next point, rewarding the searching children with a treasure trove full of goodies or toys. This is fun for everyone and provides the right amount of adventure that kids love so much.

2nd tip: fun with water

Many playgrounds are equipped with water pumps - so-called water playgrounds make the most fun on hot days. Here you can play wonderfully in the mud, build sandcastles with moat or simply enjoy the cool water when it is hot summer. Make sure you have enough sunscreen and a hat so that the fun does not have any painful consequences in the form of sunburn for your kids.

3rd tip: climbing

Both in climbing parks and in woodland, there are climbing opportunities for particularly active children. In the forest, a well-branched, stable tree can be climbed. Climbing parks offer a variety of offers and opportunities to let off steam in the vertical and forget about time and space.

4th tip: farm or animal park

Children love animals! Therefore, a trip to a nearby farm is always a good idea. Even in city parks, there are often petting zoos and every major city usually has a zoo or animal or wildlife park. Often, zoos also offer annual passes, which are quickly worthwhile, as entry is usually very expensive.

Tip 5: Let the kite fly

Not just in the fall a great pastime! It is best to look for a beautiful, large meadow (in the city, there is sometimes another large, open area) and conquer the skies with the children. The fun gets even bigger when the kite itself is crafted. (This is also a great pastime, if the weather is not so good. :-)) Of course, we have the right instructions for you: making kites

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