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Healthy and delicious recipes with avocado

6 Unique & Exciting Ways to Eat Avocado (May 2019).


Whether as a creamy carbonara sauce, delicious salad, fruity smoothie or crispy fries: the avocado is versatile in cooking and with the right recipes can prepare the most delicious dishes. Click through our gallery and be inspired by quick, easy and delicious avocado recipes.

Green superfruit

The avocado has its origin in southern Mexico and is called due to their shape and consistency also butterfruit or butter pear. The avocado is not a vegetable, but a fruit - more specifically, a berry. Among the best known varieties are "Fuerte", a pear-shaped avocado with a medium-green shell, and "Hass", a roundish fruit with a thick, dark green outer shell. Both varieties have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, ie healthy fats, and potassium, which makes the avocado a real vitamin bomb.

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Healthy fruit with many faces

From avocados, you can do a lot more magic, such as a spicy guacamole with fruity tomatoes. How about creamy avocado chocolate pudding? Or a delicious avocado pizza? Goes fast and tastes incredibly delicious! So it's really worth trying recipes with this fruit. Here is a small selection of avocado recipes that will make your mouth water.

Watch out! As soon as the golden yellow flesh is exposed to the air, it begins to oxidize, taking on a darker, slightly brownish color. Always use a dash of lemon juice when preparing avocado recipes. The acidity of the lemon prevents an unsightly discoloration.

When are avocados ready?

Avocados are climacteric fruits that ripen and can therefore be bought hard. If the peel is easy to crush, the fruit is suitable for consumption. If you want to accelerate the ripening process, wrap the avocado in newspaper or store them with apples.

Our tip before you start

In this video, we show you how to process a ripe avocado properly.

Avocado Pizza

Avocado lovers beware! Nobody can resist our homemade pizza with creamy avocado toppings! We'll also give you tips on how to make this pizza vegan and sugar free.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Avocado fries

Avocado fries are the new trend. In this recipe, we'll tell you how to prepare the crispy breaded chips gluten-free and without sugar. And you do not even need a deep fryer for that.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Avocado coffee

You love coffee and avocado and are looking for a special energy boost in the morning? Then you will love our avocado coffee! And he is sugar-free.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Avocado carbonara

Carbonara from avocado? No problem with our recipe! Try the green version of the noodle classic with cream and egg or dare the vegan version. In any case: this dish will be yours!

The recipe can be found here >>

Breakfast pizza with avocado

Pizza for breakfast? Why not? This recipe with green asparagus and avocado will start your day healthy.

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Avocado ice cream with coconut

Ice cream can be creamy even without an ice cream maker! We'll show you how to quickly and easily make avocado coconut ice cream yourself.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Vegan chocolate pudding with avocado

Finally, a sweet dessert in which one does not have to "sin": This chocolate pudding tastes creamier and chocolatier than all his colleagues and is even really healthy. Nothing like the spoon!

The recipe is here >>

Avocado tartlets

Also for desserts avocado is very good. Topped with fresh berries, these tartlets are the basis for a delicious cream.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Layered salad with avocado

Here you will find the modern gourmet version of the Schichtsalats. Refined with avocado, goat's cheese and beetroot, it's the perfect appetizer.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Crostini with avocado

Crostini are the ideal snack for wine, for party guests, but also as a starter. The basic recipe can be prepared to your heart's content as a hearty or sweet variation - for example with avocado.

Here you will find the basic recipe and 9 tasty variants >>

Curly kale salad with avocado and buffalo mozzarella

Kale is on the rise and tastes delicious in combination with avocado and buffalo mozzarella.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Crab cocktail with avocado

Seafood in combination with avocado? We call it the perfect summer treat!

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Avocado Toast

The perfect snack for in between is crunchy toast with avocado cream. The recipe is simple and there are some delicious variations. Curious? Then here is the recipe for you!

Rice salad with avocado and cashew nuts

Fine basmati rice, fruity tomatoes, hearty cashew nuts and creamy avocado make a summery salad creation. The salad is rounded off by the juice of a fresh lemon. An absolute gourmet recipe - not only for vegetarians!

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Avocado glass noodle salad with shrimps

Noble by shrimp, fiery by chili. This Asian glass noodle salad makes for a delicious change on the buffet table. Try it now and enjoy it!

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Asparagus with cress avocado vinaigrette

In this delicious dish, green and white asparagus meet a nutty pine nut butter and a spicy vinaigrette of cress and avocado. This is the highest culinary art in the asparagus season!

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Salmon tartare on potato and cucumber salad

The creamy secret of this appetizer? A fully ripe avocado. In combination with fresh salmon, the dish is a real culinary delight for all gourmets and connoisseurs. Our verdict: Delicious!

Here you will find the complete recipe>

Sesame Chicken

Juicy chicken breast fillet in a crispy sesame clove on a fresh avocado and pear salad? Sounds delicious, it is too! Fresh lime juice creates a fruity note and completes the dish.

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Avocado Tramezzini

We make the vegetarian sandwich a culinary delight: Whether in the office or at home, the recipe for avocado tramezzini brings the summer on your plate.

Click here for our sandwich recipe >>

Asparagus with avocado salsa

Asparagus once very different. Our recipe for fresh asparagus with avocado salsa is not only crisp and healthy, but also extremely delicious. We also serve mini pancakes with basil and parmesan.

Click here for our recipe >>

Potato pancakes with avocado cream

These potato pancakes are made with leeks and served with a creamy avocado and chive dip. Fruity lemon juice and fresh coriander are responsible for the refinement of this delicious cream. The vegetarian heart beats faster!

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

French fries with avocado salsa

French bar? Does not necessarily have to be! Next surprise your guests with a very special recipe idea and spice up boring fries with spicy avocado salsa!

Click here for the recipe >>

Avocado Smoothie

Avocado, celery and dandelion leaves make a delicious smoothie that boosts our metabolism and provides plenty of fiber, high-quality fatty acids, potassium and zinc. A true power drink!

Here you will find the recipe >>

The avocado classic: guacamole

Whether vegetables, meat or tortilla chips, this delicious dip is just right for everything. You only need a few ingredients for the guacamole and it is prepared in no time!

Here you will find the recipe >>

Beans and avocado salad

Serve this crispy salad as a delicious appetizer or as a side dish to a main course. Kerniger pearl barley give bite and set visually an accent. We wish you a good appetite!

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

Scallops on avocado salad

The popular Hamburg star chef Cornelia Poletto loves Italian cuisine. With her recipe for scallops on avocado salad, she again proves that.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Mexican pizza

If you like Mexican food then you will love this pizza! The pizza is baked crispy and topped with fruity avocado and fresh coriander.

Here you will find the complete recipe >>

avocado dip

Guacamole is not the only dip that can be made from avocado. We will show you another summer variation and give you tips for peeling avocados and how to keep avocado dips fresh and green for a long time.

Here you will find the recipe and the tips >>

Spinach salad with avocado

Of course, avocado also plays a crucial role in many salads. It provides a soft creamy component between the crunchy ingredients.

Here you will find the recipe >>

Avocado Brownies

This recipe for healthy brownies is made with avocado and also the sugar content is greatly reduced.

Here you will find the recipe for brownies with avocado >>

Superfood salad

This salad is made up of superfoods that boost your health and make you look younger.

Here you will find the recipe for the superfood salad >>

Buddha Bowl with avocado

Buddha bowls cover the basic needs of the most important nutrients. We tell you which food groups you can put together the Bowl. Of course, the avocado should not be missing here either.

Here you will find the basic recipe for Buddha bowls and ways to vary >>

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